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[Neverland] A Better 2018…

Hihi! Happy Long Weekends to all! Are you enjoying your long weekends like I am doing in Msia or the other neighboring countries? This long weekends, Laogong and I decided to bring my parents out to Jalan Jalan as they hadn’t been to Melaka and Desaru before. Though this is my N time to Melaka… Continue reading [Neverland] A Better 2018…

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Supermum Day 12: Cooking a mini storm; for her sick children

This early morning, I received two bad news. James was rejected by school due to suspected HFMD. I do not blame them though James did not have a fever nor any symptoms for being sick. I was told there was spots in throat but doctor clarified there was nothing in James’ throat and issued him… Continue reading Supermum Day 12: Cooking a mini storm; for her sick children

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Supermum Day 1 – Mission accomplished!

Finally, my little prince is asleep. But he is sleeping in a position that gives me no opportunity to move. Feeling insecure, he had placed his head and buttock on each of my legs. But his reactions today had showed me that children’s basic instinct is to look for their mummies when their usual caretakers… Continue reading Supermum Day 1 – Mission accomplished!

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Overnight Non-cook Rolled Oats (Banana-Chocolate)

Had heard my friend, Qiuling, mentioned a lot about her healthy recipes of overnight non-cooked rolled oats and salads. Had wanted to start my own healthy recipes too. But had been ‘lazy’… Finally I felt that I had enough of my ‘laziness’ and decided to put my thoughts into actions… I googled various yummy recipes… Continue reading Overnight Non-cook Rolled Oats (Banana-Chocolate)

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Jelly-Making Day with Jamie!

It’s a rare mid week public holidays and we wanted to do something “special” together! Hmmm.. I know she wants to make pancake or do pancakes together. However, we do not have an conventional oven nor any pancake ingredients. Dug through the kitchen cabinets and found a packet of jelly powder. Jamie was really excited… Continue reading Jelly-Making Day with Jamie!