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Jelly-Making Day with Jamie!

It’s a rare mid week public holidays and we wanted to do something “special” together!
Hmmm.. I know she wants to make pancake or do pancakes together. However, we do not have an conventional oven nor any pancake ingredients.

Dug through the kitchen cabinets and found a packet of jelly powder.

Jamie was really excited and kept saying “Mummy, this is my first time making jelly together with you!”

She smiled happily as she assisted in the making..
Step 1: Pour in the Powder
Step 2: Pour in 1000-1250ml of water slowly and stir the mixture until powder is dissolved
Haha.. After this step Jamie ran off to “rest” and I completed the rest of the steps.

Step 3: Boil the mixture at high flame until boil. Then boil for another 3min in low flame. Off the stove.

Step 4: Add in Malic Acid and stir evenly. 
Step 5: Pour the warm mixture into smaller containers. 
Step 6: Cool down mixture and put in fridge. Ready to eat in 3hrs time!
Happy Jamie and her Jelly!!!

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