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7 more days to my Big 37!

Haha! Please tell me you don’t believe I am turning 37 in a week’s time! At least I don’t! 😛 Well, time flies.. really flies… another year has passed and so many things had happened in this one year. But I am glad all that had happened are good things. My life had finally changed… Continue reading 7 more days to my Big 37!

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Happy Birthday to me!

Thank you all who remembered my hatch day! I had received your loads of love! Thank you very much! It’s your love that makes me grow stronger everyday 🙂 The extensive weeks of celebration had ended today and I am officially 36 years old this year! Seriously I still cannot believe how time flies and I… Continue reading Happy Birthday to me!

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新年 New Year

新的一年一眨眼已到,难免勾起回忆。 想想去年过年时,我刚做完月子,弟弟还是个刚出生的小婴儿。今年,弟弟已是个活泼乱跳、精力充沛的幼儿了!呵呵,我也从一个胖妞变成了现在这个漂亮妈咪! 2013 的我 (me in 2013) 2014的我 (me in 2014) 在蛇年里一切的不顺心,希望能随着蛇年一同逝去。新的一年里希望一切可以很愉快、很顺心如意。 Looking at my photos, I said goodbye to that undesirable-looking me whom also didn’t perform well in various aspects in year 2013. I reminded myself, not only I won’t allow my physical look to deteriorate like before, but I also want to do… Continue reading 新年 New Year