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[Neverland] A Better 2018…

Hihi! Happy Long Weekends to all! Are you enjoying your long weekends like I am doing in Msia or the other neighboring countries? This long weekends, Laogong and I decided to bring my parents out to Jalan Jalan as they hadn’t been to Melaka and Desaru before. Though this is my N time to Melaka… Continue reading [Neverland] A Better 2018…

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[Neverland] Countless Good Things in 2017

Time flies, the first quarter of the year is already coming to an end. I have to admit that this is the first time I actually hope time will fly faster, so that I can faster finish my studies. Year 2017 had been a hectic and very busy year. But it was also a very… Continue reading [Neverland] Countless Good Things in 2017

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[Neverland] Counting my Blessings as I wish myself Happy Birthday! 

Haha! This post really take super long to complete. It was meant to be a pre-New Year countdown post but now it has become my birthday post due to the many delays and constant edits. And just as I was 75% into the post, I fell very sick for two weeks. The post-viral symptoms such… Continue reading [Neverland] Counting my Blessings as I wish myself Happy Birthday! 

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[Movie] “Logan” – The Beginnings of Gen 2 X-Men…

[Throwback] Felt really sad and emotionally disturbed after watching the movie. However sad, I do not believe the movie has “no meaning” or “not worth looking forward to”.  There is more than meets the eyes in this movie and you need to be familiar with Wolverine and Logan before you can truly appreciate the “message”… Continue reading [Movie] “Logan” – The Beginnings of Gen 2 X-Men…

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[Movie] Lalaland – Spotlight Vs Love

I was not expecting a sad ending when I chose to watch <Lalaland> during our weekly pak tor night. The alternative ending did not cheer me up either. I could not understand why things had happened that way. Why couldn’t Sebastian followed Mia to Paris for her movie shooting. Why didn’t Mia kept her promise… Continue reading [Movie] Lalaland – Spotlight Vs Love