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Supermum Day 5: Assured and Surviving…

Day 5.
Though I had no ME time after work to catch up with my piling work…
Though I had to “fly” home everyday after work to be the cooking mama…
Though I had insufficient sleep since day 1… coz need to wake up at 3am daily to make milk for James and 5am daily to prepare Jamie for school…
BUT what I gained over these 5 days is priceless.
I gained more smiles from my kids that assured me I cook well…
I gained more love from my kids for giving/spending more undivided attention and time with them…
I gained their needs for me for putting them to sleep every night, packing their school bags for the next day and waking up early to prepare them for school…
I feel so much more confident as a mother in just 5 days.
People used to call me “Princess” or “Spoilt brat” for being over-reliant on my helper. Sometimes I started to wonder if I lost my cooking skills and routine care skills too. Over the 6 years, I did doubt myself too. But every two years I was given the chance to assure myself over and over again.
Today I cooked a two-dish yummy dinner which took me about an hour plus, including preparation time. As time is required to thaw the fish and minced meat hence I took more time to cook dinner tonight. Cooked double mushroom soup with shredded crabsticks and ma po toufu tonight. Steamed salmon for James too because he needs to eat salmon almost everyday.
Will share the recipe in a separate post 🙂
24 more days to go! Jiayou!

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