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New Year Hair Makeover

Lunar New Year’s coming! Hehehe… and a new start must have a new hair style and colour 😉 May the new “me” will only have good luck this year! These days my pretty princess had been following me wherever I go. So today she also followed me to the hair salon. When she found out… Continue reading New Year Hair Makeover

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新年 New Year

新的一年一眨眼已到,难免勾起回忆。 想想去年过年时,我刚做完月子,弟弟还是个刚出生的小婴儿。今年,弟弟已是个活泼乱跳、精力充沛的幼儿了!呵呵,我也从一个胖妞变成了现在这个漂亮妈咪! 2013 的我 (me in 2013) 2014的我 (me in 2014) 在蛇年里一切的不顺心,希望能随着蛇年一同逝去。新的一年里希望一切可以很愉快、很顺心如意。 Looking at my photos, I said goodbye to that undesirable-looking me whom also didn’t perform well in various aspects in year 2013. I reminded myself, not only I won’t allow my physical look to deteriorate like before, but I also want to do… Continue reading 新年 New Year

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恭喜发财, 新年快乐!!!

祝大家在新的一年里,顺顺利利、万事如意、心想事成!!! Wishing everyone has all the dreams come true for the Rabbit Year :DJamie had lots of fun during this Lunar New Year because she no longer only get to watch all the older cousins walk around. She gets to join them this year too 😀 But because she can walk now, she is quite… Continue reading 恭喜发财, 新年快乐!!!

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My Fruitful Long Weekend Part 2 – Two National Day Dinners

I realized it’s really quite tough to keep up with my blogging… Hahaha… But then I won’t give up so soon yet… 😀 Ok, this is a backdated blog entry again 😀 Remember I was saying I had a very fruitful long weekend last week? Yeah 😀 This is part 2 of the blog entry… Continue reading My Fruitful Long Weekend Part 2 – Two National Day Dinners