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[Game] Romance in the Forbidden City《紫禁繁花》

After watching 《延喜攻略》or 《如懿传》, do you feel angry about how some of the concubines helplessly prayed for the emperors to look at them again. Do you feel sad how they foolishly believed the wrong people and fell into their traps or plots? Do you ever say “If I were her, I will …” Well, your… Continue reading [Game] Romance in the Forbidden City《紫禁繁花》

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[Game] Grandma Eating House 众多回忆的食堂故事

Big fan of Japanese food will definitely love this game. I found this game when I was searching for another game. Love the pretty graphic and looking forward to visit a traditional japanese eating house like this! Played for only two days and approximately 3 hours, but managed to unlock lots of different dishes. Though… Continue reading [Game] Grandma Eating House 众多回忆的食堂故事

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[Neverland] Countless Good Things in 2017

Time flies, the first quarter of the year is already coming to an end. I have to admit that this is the first time I actually hope time will fly faster, so that I can faster finish my studies. Year 2017 had been a hectic and very busy year. But it was also a very… Continue reading [Neverland] Countless Good Things in 2017

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[Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game Part 2

Hello! Have you tried the Tips I shared during the last post? I continued with the tactics for Day 2 and Day 3. Lets review where I am now in the game. I started my new game in District 69. My old game was started in District 18 and in just 70+ days, the game… Continue reading [Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game Part 2

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[Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game

Hi All! Have you tried the Chinese iPhone Game 《叫我官老爷》which I posted a blog review some weeks back? Are you still wondering how to start the game or “stuck” at some level like myself for a while? Day 71 and I am stuck at Rank 5 for a while. I had problems clearing the 关卡… Continue reading [Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game

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[Game] 叫我官老爷 (Call me the Government Officer)

This is the first time I write Game Review for a Chinese Smartphone Game in English. Not sure if it will seem weird. However, I feel that this game is very easy to play and is not demanding on one’s Chinese Language abilities. So I hope by writing the game review in English, I can… Continue reading [Game] 叫我官老爷 (Call me the Government Officer)