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[Game] Romance in the Forbidden City《紫禁繁花》

After watching 《延喜攻略》or 《如懿传》, do you feel angry about how some of the concubines helplessly prayed for the emperors to look at them again. Do you feel sad how they foolishly believed the wrong people and fell into their traps or plots? Do you ever say “If I were her, I will …” Well, your… Continue reading [Game] Romance in the Forbidden City《紫禁繁花》

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[Game] Grandma Eating House 众多回忆的食堂故事

Big fan of Japanese food will definitely love this game. I found this game when I was searching for another game. Love the pretty graphic and looking forward to visit a traditional japanese eating house like this! Played for only two days and approximately 3 hours, but managed to unlock lots of different dishes. Though… Continue reading [Game] Grandma Eating House 众多回忆的食堂故事

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[Neverland] Countless Good Things in 2017

Time flies, the first quarter of the year is already coming to an end. I have to admit that this is the first time I actually hope time will fly faster, so that I can faster finish my studies. Year 2017 had been a hectic and very busy year. But it was also a very… Continue reading [Neverland] Countless Good Things in 2017

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[Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game Part 2

Hello! Have you tried the Tips I shared during the last post? I continued with the tactics for Day 2 and Day 3. Lets review where I am now in the game. I started my new game in District 69. My old game was started in District 18 and in just 70+ days, the game… Continue reading [Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game Part 2

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[Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game

Hi All! Have you tried the Chinese iPhone Game 《叫我官老爷》which I posted a blog review some weeks back? Are you still wondering how to start the game or “stuck” at some level like myself for a while? Day 71 and I am stuck at Rank 5 for a while. I had problems clearing the 关卡… Continue reading [Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game

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[Game] 叫我官老爷 (Call me the Government Officer)

This is the first time I write Game Review for a Chinese Smartphone Game in English. Not sure if it will seem weird. However, I feel that this game is very easy to play and is not demanding on one’s Chinese Language abilities. So I hope by writing the game review in English, I can… Continue reading [Game] 叫我官老爷 (Call me the Government Officer)

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[Game] 6 Reasons Why Pokemon-Go Is So Irresistible

Lately there are many negative sentiments about Pokemon Go. Many people don’t really understand what is it in the game that makes the Pokemon Gamers go Gaga. I think that it is unfair of the non-gamers to comment negatively about the gamers and their games, without the non-gamers trying out the game first.    Do not… Continue reading [Game] 6 Reasons Why Pokemon-Go Is So Irresistible

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[Game Review] 边玩《宫廷计》, 边倒数《步步惊心2》

倒数7天! 4月22日是所有《步步惊心》迷的大日子!如果还不知道是什么大日子的话,一定要翻阅我的脸书/面簿哦! 是的!!! 再过7天,《步步惊心2》之《步步惊情》即将登场。到时记得锁定您喜欢的Apps下载精彩的连戏剧哦! 虽然剧还没播,我已经大概知道剧情的走向,但是看着现实中已是恩爱情侣的四爷与若曦,我的心难免些许兴奋。在为他们感到开心的当儿,也希望从剧里看出他们爱情萌芽的蛛丝马迹。 就如四爷吴奇隆自己说的,终于等到了!他仿佛在暗叹自己终于等到了想等的人。 就在等待的当儿,我在Apps Store 里瞄到这个看起来和玩起来都很有feel的iPhone / iPad 中文游戏 – 《宫廷计》。 从游戏的名称就可以知道这是《步步惊心》加 《甄嬛传》 加 《深宫谍影》加 《金枝玉叶》等古装宫廷剧的结晶品。 是的!光看游戏介绍r就很有feel了!主角可是因故穿越至不明朝代哦!故事会依照你的人物选择而演变成不同的剧情。 您也可以选择这两位貌似甄妃与若曦的游戏人物,幻想自己在深宫里争颜夺丽。 游戏目标? 看看游戏的cover,答案其实很明显就是成为屹立不倒的皇贵妃。 游戏一开始您必须选择您想用的: – 人物专长, 如:学士,武士, 膳食, 善乐。 – 人物名字 – 人物样貌 开始时我们长这样。。。普普通通的。 当您慢慢升级,加上银两慢慢累积后,就可以选择更漂亮的服装! 现在我的游戏人物官八品,长这样。。。 很美很煞吧!呵呵! 进入了游戏,会看见皇宫地图。 我的游戏人物是位官八品的学士宫女司马菡。 让我带您游皇宫吧! 第一站,练习坊。 在这里您练习: – 马术增加体质 – 舞蹈增加灵巧 – 礼仪增加交际 – 诗书增加智力 第二站, 紫宸殿。到这里可以和皇上交谈。 累积了经验后,可以到宣政殿申请晋升官品。 官品越高可以获得的俸禄越高;也可以装备指数比较高的服装;还可以学习较高的武功、绝技才可以打败“敌人”。 当然众佳丽的最终的目标就是当不了皇后也要当个贵妃。哈哈!… Continue reading [Game Review] 边玩《宫廷计》, 边倒数《步步惊心2》

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[Game Review] Indulged in a ‘New’ iPhone game – Hay Day

Why did I use the ” for the word new? Actually this game is not a new new game. Many of my friends had started playing it for a while. But it’s new to me lah! My manicurist was the one who introduced the game to me last Sunday. I will write a separate blog… Continue reading [Game Review] Indulged in a ‘New’ iPhone game – Hay Day