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[Game] Grandma Eating House 众多回忆的食堂故事

Big fan of Japanese food will definitely love this game. I found this game when I was searching for another game. Love the pretty graphic and looking forward to visit a traditional japanese eating house like this! Played for only two days and approximately 3 hours, but managed to unlock lots of different dishes. Though… Continue reading [Game] Grandma Eating House 众多回忆的食堂故事

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[Neverland] Countless Good Things in 2017

Time flies, the first quarter of the year is already coming to an end. I have to admit that this is the first time I actually hope time will fly faster, so that I can faster finish my studies. Year 2017 had been a hectic and very busy year. But it was also a very… Continue reading [Neverland] Countless Good Things in 2017

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[Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game Part 2

Hello! Have you tried the Tips I shared during the last post? I continued with the tactics for Day 2 and Day 3. Lets review where I am now in the game. I started my new game in District 69. My old game was started in District 18 and in just 70+ days, the game… Continue reading [Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game Part 2

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[Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game

Hi All! Have you tried the Chinese iPhone Game 《叫我官老爷》which I posted a blog review some weeks back? Are you still wondering how to start the game or “stuck” at some level like myself for a while? Day 71 and I am stuck at Rank 5 for a while. I had problems clearing the 关卡… Continue reading [Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game

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[Game] 叫我官老爷 (Call me the Government Officer)

This is the first time I write Game Review for a Chinese Smartphone Game in English. Not sure if it will seem weird. However, I feel that this game is very easy to play and is not demanding on one’s Chinese Language abilities. So I hope by writing the game review in English, I can… Continue reading [Game] 叫我官老爷 (Call me the Government Officer)

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[Game] 6 Reasons Why Pokemon-Go Is So Irresistible

Lately there are many negative sentiments about Pokemon Go. Many people don’t really understand what is it in the game that makes the Pokemon Gamers go Gaga. I think that it is unfair of the non-gamers to comment negatively about the gamers and their games, without the non-gamers trying out the game first.    Do not… Continue reading [Game] 6 Reasons Why Pokemon-Go Is So Irresistible