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Supermum Day 1 – Mission accomplished!

Finally, my little prince is asleep. But he is sleeping in a position that gives me no opportunity to move. Feeling insecure, he had placed his head and buttock on each of my legs.
But his reactions today had showed me that children’s basic instinct is to look for their mummies when their usual caretakers (who are not their mummies) are unavailable. Didi has been sticking to me like glue the whole day and only looked for my mil occasionally. While previously, James only look for my helper and mil.
Was happy to watch the kids enjoyed their dinner tonight. My cooking skills are rusty but yet able to produce nice food I guess. Seriously due to my flu i lost my sense of taste and smell, so I could not test the food I cooked. However, the happy faces of Laogong  and children showed that they enjoyed their food.
It was a good first day. Tomorrow we will be attending Remus’ birthday party! Hope Didi can behave himself tmr!
Night Night to all!

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