About Me


About Me

I am a Full Time Working Mummy with 2 young children and a new-found confidence, after I successfully shred 16 kg and regained my pre-pregnancy weight in just 3 months!

I strive to inspire my readers with my never-say-die attitude, on how they can live the moment and embrace the best of all worlds!

My Promise to the Merchants, Sponsors and Readers

Due to my occupational practices as an Internal Auditor in my day job, Readers can trust that I always keep my advertorial, review and recommendation unbiased and honest, so that you can make an informed decision.

Merchants/Sponsors can also believe that I will not irresponsibly speak bad about any brand, product and service, just because your competitors and haters pay or sponsor me more.

Blogs Topics I Did and Interested to Do

I blogged to Inspire Working Ladies to Live the Moment and Embrace The Best of All Worlds:

  1. Personal Reviews on Product and Services relating to: Beauty, Health, Food, Lifestyles, Movies, Dramas, Games, Gadgets, Family, Kids, Parenting, Marriage, Travel, Staycation and Events.
  2. Paid/Sponsored Advertorials on the abovementioned topics
  3. My Inspiring Weight Loss/Slimming Journey – Obasan to Hot Mama Series
  4. My Inspiring Conviction to Stay Looking Good, Slim and Pretty
  5. Recommendation for Family Day Outs and Kids Play Dates, Friends Outings and Couple Activities
  6. Recommendation for Travel and Staycation for Family, Couple, Friends and Solo Trips
  7. Recommended Cooking and Baking Recipes for Working Mothers
  8. How To Do Effective Events Planning for Family Events, Kids Parties and Couple Occasions
  9. Sharing on Pregnancy, Confinement, Marriage, Parenting and Travel Tips
  10. Bilingual Blog Posts to reach out to Readers who can read English or/and Mandarin

Please email me at jolene428@gmail.com, to find out how we can collaborate.