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[Neverland] A Better 2018…

Hihi! Happy Long Weekends to all!

Are you enjoying your long weekends like I am doing in Msia or the other neighboring countries? This long weekends, Laogong and I decided to bring my parents out to Jalan Jalan as they hadn’t been to Melaka and Desaru before.

Though this is my N time to Melaka and 2nd time to Desaru, but I believe going on tour with elderly or/and kids is never the same as travelling as a couple. I hope to share some tips with you when I am back, on what to take note or what good places to bring your old folks to in Melaka and Desaru.

28 more days to the last “3” in my life. I am not as eager as before to countdown to my birthday this year. It is kinda of scary to know you can never turn back time. My last 30+ years was great, though with ups and downs, and some bad memories. However, I always tell myself, it is not the good things that mold me to be a better person but the bad experiences that enable me to learn how to cope better and prevent the same thing from recurring.

This 2018 will be another great year.

Though, the new year didn’t start off well, with me falling down and cutting myself just after the clock past 12. But like what Laogong said, I had used up all my bad luck on the first day of 2018. So what goes down, will only go up for the rest of the year. Haha!

But of coz I do not only have “blind optimism”. I know what lies ahead for me but I will definitely survive, because I know I have my family, friends, bosses and colleagues supporting and encouraging me.


Lessons and Assignment are manageable but I am really scared about my Practicum.

This is going to be a big hurdle this year but also the greatest birthday gift to myself. I had shelved the plan of upgrading myself for many years because I was busy building a family earlier on. Though my kids are still young, I am not anymore. I know things will just get tougher if I continued to shelf the plan.

Practicum is not going to be easy for me because I know I don’t like to be “watched” and I usually perform not as good in exams than in daily assignments coz of self-pressure. However, I will hope to overcome this when the time comes and graduate smoothly! Jiayou! Jiayou! Jiayou! It is going to be over soon!


Looking at how fast my bosses’s company is expanding, gets me really excited! Coz growth means there are more things to learn and more exposure to experience. Nothing beats learning directly from the bosses. I might even get more chances to fly for biz trips! I always hear friends said biz trips are no fun. Hmm.. I really don’t mind experiencing it for once. Haha!


I am finally going to graduate soon. Which means I will have more time with the kids. Seeing them grow up so fast really make my worry, how long more will they want to stick to me? Hence, no matter how busy I am, I will spend time to support my kids’ performance and special school events.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone, so find time for your family members when you still have the chance to. I want to bake and cook with the kids more after my course. We want to go out with the children more often too. These days they only get to go for their weekly swimming classes and Mcdonalds dinner. Feel so bad about it.

I also had very much neglected my hubby. We hadn’t been able to go for our weekly pak tor these days due to my assignment datelines and because of the kids. When you have so little free time, and so many commitment, you really have to manage your time wisely. I hope to resume our pak tor once I finished my course!

However before all these happen, I will first have to survive June-August 2018. Many asked why I will approve such a long home leave, but she is like my family member now and I too wish to see her being happy and has someone to take care of her when she retires. I am glad she found another better man and I have faith that she will keep her promise and return back on 1 September.

I will use this opportunity to spend more time and bond more with the kids. And also to revise my cooking skills coz I will be the one cooking dinner for these 3 mths 😉


I am really happy to see more traffic to my blog and more “likes” and “follows”. I have started to receive more emails asking for collaboration too. This motivates me to want to write more blog posts!

I am happy to hear that people enjoy reading my blog! I will work hard to write more every month! Do share with me what are the topics which interest you and also how else I can improve on my blog to attract your attention.

I am open to any form of collaboration, so do drop me an email and share your ideas with me. We can always find a win-win option.

Travel and Staycation

I have to thank Laogong for planning the two upcoming short getaways, despite he being very busy in his new job too. We all need a break no matter how busy we are!

30 Mar- Apr: Melaka and Desaru for my parents

28 Apr-1 May: My Birthday Getaway to Bandung

I am also looking forward to my graduation trip in September and our family trip in December! Woohoo!

Getting Back in Shape

I feel ashamed to share that due to all the study stress, I had been binge eating for many months. This result in me putting on quite a bit of weight.

As there is an important wedding to attend in June, I decided to go on diet and cupping again! Hope the slimming cupping will give the same good effort as before! Will keep everyone posted on my slimming journey (again)!

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