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Overnight Non-cook Rolled Oats (Banana-Chocolate)

Had heard my friend, Qiuling, mentioned a lot about her healthy recipes of overnight non-cooked rolled oats and salads.
Had wanted to start my own healthy recipes too. But had been ‘lazy’…
Finally I felt that I had enough of my ‘laziness’ and decided to put my thoughts into actions…
I googled various yummy recipes and decided to adapt and come out with my own.
I am starting off with something ‘not so healthy’ this round…
Step 1: Lay out the ingredients you want to use. 
As I had been feasting too much lately during breakfast and lunch, I knew cutting off my carbo suddenly will drive me crazy. Hence I am starting with fruits with higher sugar content eg. Banana. Next time, I will use blue berry or strawberry instead.
I fell in love with non-fat and non-sugar yoghurt since my weight loss regime and would stick to it. Alternatively you can try Greek yoghurt too.
I didn’t have plain milk at home so I used the mini milo packet instead. U can also try using almond milk, soya milk or juices too if you are lactose detolerance.
Oh yes, you need to get a glass bottle with either plastic or metal cap. I didn’t have a plastic cap bottle so I recycled my salsa sauce glass bottle. The size of the bottle looks just nice (about 200-400ml),
I used whole rolled oats instead of steel cut oats coz I heard C said it’s better.
Step 2: Scoop your choice of rolled oats into the glass bottle. 
You decide how much you want to eat. But try to keep it to 1/3 of the bottle if you have lots of ingredients. I was too greedy and filled to half the bottle and ended up it’s right to the brim now. However if you only have milo/Choco milk, rolled oats and yoghurt then you can have more oats.
Step 3: Pour in the milo and yoghurt, then shake the bottle. 
You can decide not to shake the bottle too. See how pretty it looks if you don’t shake it.

Step 4: Mash half the banana and Cut half the banana. 

C taught me to create two different texture of banana. But you can either mash all up or just cut all up and stir evenly.
You can also use other fruits like strawberries, blueberries, oranges etc. I even saw people using cut pumpkin too. Some put ieftover cheesecake, ice cream or cakes in too.
Tomorrow morning (23 Oct) I will add in the sunflower seeds to complete the meal, you can also add in other types of nuts eg. Peanuts bits, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, almond flakes or chia seeds. Chia seed is new favorite but very expensive, about $10 per packet. But heard it’s very nutritious.
Post Note: 
Ended up I didn’t added in sunflower seeds coz the oats turned out to be very rich in taste.
Yummy yummy filling breakfast! Will try other flavours next round!
Try to make one for yourself someday too!

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