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Obasan to Hot Mama #5 (My Slimming Journey – Losing 16kg in 3 months) – My Horrendous Diet Plan that Works Wonder!

Good Morning Singapore!
The time is 6.56am and I am on the way to work now. Time is so limited lately due to the various commitment. Leveraging on mobile blogging should help to buy myself more time to keep up with my blog posts!
I hope it’s not a long wait for this post. And I realized I am really very wordy. As much as it’s my  风格, I don’t wish to scare new readers away with chunks and chunks of paragraphs. Do throw in suggestions on how can I improve on my  blog posts k? I will try to adopt and adapt all the suggestions!
Okay, the topic of the day is how I did it. You had a glimpse of what I ate for the 3-5 days of my slimming programme. Now I will like to share what I can eat from then on till the 14th session of the programme.
How long is the programme? It really depends. I signed up the basic package which includes 20 sessions of acunpuncture and sculpturing treatments. In average, it takes at least 12 weeks if you go for 5 days continuous at the start and once a week for the next 10 sessions.
Seriously when My therapist guaranteed me a weight loss of min 8kg, I didn’t know to believe her or not. I saw ‘A’ slimmed down but I also know every person has a unique body system. Well, i now am a believer. It worked for ‘A’ and her friends and it is working for me.
Anyhow, i just completed my 9th session and I already lost 7.5kg! I will be doubling up my treatment speed from next session onwards and my therapist will include sculpturing into the treatments as well. I am really excited becoz despite losing weight, I know I still have a lot of draping loose skin and fats dangling around. All these have to go too to look my best 🙂
As much as possible, I tried to bring home-cooked food for my breakfast and lunch. Lucky for me, Pyone can really cook well. See how delicious she made my ‘boring’ breakfast and lunch looks.
I had most dinners at home because it’s the toughest to follow in the whole diet plan.
So what if I really cannot da Bao to work or have to eat out? Well I usually try to follow the diet plan as close as I can. But there were times I also get sick of it.
When I am feeling guai, I will bring this from home to eat out for dinner.
But when I want to cheat a bit, I will eat these for lunch and dinner. Well, the effects not that bad too but it really depends on different body system lah! So if u end up put on weight instead of losing weight, don’t quote me hor!
I guess now you know why I very seldom meet my friends for dinner outside now! Coz there is really nothing much I can eat! ‘Best’ of all, I cannot eat any salad sauce that’s sweet and most sauces are sweet. So I end up has to order wasabi with soya sauce or eat it plain!!!! I think cherry tomatoes taste nicer than plain raw vegetables! So most of the time, I will da Bao cherry tomatoes to chew for dinner 😛
Doesn’t look that bad right? Hehehe, have a thought about this, I share more about the other part of the slimming programme – acunpuncture, in the next posts. I will also share how to ‘prepare’ yourself and know if you are ready or need to go for this slimming programme.

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