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Obasan to Hot Mama #6 – Hair Makeover

I was lucky that the queue at the SK polyclinic was okay today, though I reached the clinic only at 9.45am. Had wanted to go earlier, but was caught up with some errands to run.
No lah, I am technically not sick. But I do need to see a doctor for my decaying wisdom tooth 😦

Yeah, it started to decay and then chip-off bit by bit last year. But during to my pregnancy, I could not attend to it. By the time I visited the dentist last month, I was told that my right lower wisdom tooth was ‘Hopeless’… and decayed… and had infected the molar next to it!!!

Was given a referral letter to see a private dental surgeon to remove the wisdom tooth. But the thought of paying $1000 to pull out one wisdom tooth makes my pocket hurts…So, I decided to follow for the cheaper (but more time consuming) way to get my problem tooth removed.

The queue was faster than I expected it to be. By 12pm, I not only received the referral letter, but also an appointment made with the National Dental Centre via the polyclinic helpful staff.

Work had been tough and I know I need to pamper myself a bit today. I was lucky that Compass Point has a Jack’s Place branch! Yes, my favourite steak is still from Jack’s Place! I looked at the menu and stared at the Jack’s Special Steak for a good 5 minutes. I could have ordered a cheaper but bigger piece of steak. However, I know what I need is not a bigger piece of steak but my favourite steak. So I placed my order and was happy to see my favourite dish appeared in front of me!

I looked at my watch. Hmmm… Maybe it’s a good time to recharge myself.  I made a few phone calls and… Yippie! Off I went for my soak-off + classic manicure and pedicure at Varnish cum Reflections Hair Salon @ Far East Plaza! As usual, I am not someone who likes loud nail arts so I chose french manicure with nude colour for my toenails ^^

Love it Lots!

As I was doing my mani-pedi, I noticed my manicurist, Michelle, has this really bouncy short Korean perm. She looks so cheerful and bubbly in it. Years back, I had a bad experience with perm hair. I made a bad decision to perm big romantic curls but did not dye my hair. My perm did not last more than 1 month on my hair. I also knew Laogong prefer that I keep long hair so I dropped the idea to try a short Korean perm.

I requested for a Haircut + Hairdye + Hair Treatment instead. Was amazed at how fast my hair can absorb the hair dye. It was like only 15-20 minutes and my hair stylist, Matthew (Michelle’s brother), told me the colour is all ready!

See the colour after my hair wash!!!

And my thinning hair 😦
Mummies are so self-sacrificing k! See how haggard and unappealing I had become over these 4 years! But I don’t regret having my two lovely cute children! They are my precious ones!
Now that I have decided to ‘close factory’, it’s time for me to do some ‘repair works’ and put in some efforts to look good again!

The next step is for Matthew to reshape my hair and to cut bangs for me. I had always loved Abby’s thick bangs but never know if I can wear it well. Matthew was certain that I will look good in the bangs so I decided to give it a try.

True enough, it turns out great!!!! I think I look like a doll now and what I need is more eye makeup = mascara and more defining eyeliner! Not sure if I will have the time to do extra makeup every morning but I will try lah 😛

OMG~~~ I really love my new look and new colour!!!!!

Hope you like it too!

One thought on “Obasan to Hot Mama #6 – Hair Makeover

  1. Hi Jolene,

    I have been following your blog and I enjoy reading snippets about your life, esp your journey on losing weight. Was wondering if you could write more about your girlfriends(how you handle you relationships with them), functions you attend, i.e. weddings, birthday parties, kiddos birthdays, baby showers, some ideas about how to organise all these events. Like share how your friends baby showers/kiddo birthdays are being organised – at what places..more ideas to share with young mommies like us 🙂 Do continue to blog, you have a little mommy fan here 🙂


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