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Day 4 As a Red-Head Pretty Mummy

Day 4 as a “freed” mummy and I had been working late or bringing work home. It seems that I am back to my workaholic self.. Not a good sign…

Jamie and James are still running to me and saying that they miss me, when I am home later than 4 days ago. I have to learn to be less stressed and less workaholic.
Last weekends, I had an enjoyable series of birthday celebrations and gatherings. Will write about them separately.
Today, I am just going to share about my new hair colour. Really love it soooooo much! Thanks Matthew so much for the beautiful purple red!
My new hair colour looked pretty dark red when I was indoor… I told Matthew I don’t want the hair to fade off into yellowish brown which makes me look lian. So he mixed a nice colour for me which is supposed to last if I don’t wash my hair too often with hot water nor blow dry it often with the hair dryer at high temperature.
The real surprise comes when I stepped outdoor! It was a very pretty purple red mix! Cannot help it but takes lots of selfies!
Thanks Matthew again for the lovely colour!
Feeling sleepy now and restraining myself  not to take out my work to do 😛
So I am going to try and sleep earlier tonight! Nitez!

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