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7 more days to my Big 37!

Haha! Please tell me you don’t believe I am turning 37 in a week’s time! At least I don’t! 😛

Well, time flies.. really flies… another year has passed and so many things had happened in this one year. But I am glad all that had happened are good things. My life had finally changed for the better. I believe many more good things will come along in the next one year!
As usual, I always like to do a recap before my next birthday. So as to remind myself to treasure what I had achieved that did not come easy, and continue to work hard to retain what I have…
Still Slim and Pretty!
I always use my photo which I took in 2013 to “scare” myself and to remind myself what I had been through back then. I am glad I am still slim and pretty.
For those who forgot what I had been through may read about my “iVain: Obasan to Hot Mama Journal”
Before Slimming (64kg)


After Slimming (48kg)
Don’t be shy if you wish to find out more about the TCM Slimming Programme I went through in year 2013 to slim 16kg in 3 months. It is definitely achievable for everyone who sets his/her mind to slim down.
Email me your queries at and I will reply within 24 hours. ^^
Let It Go
I still remember how unwilling I was to say Goodbye last year to the workplace I was so attached to, but yet also the workplace that had tormented me emotionally since 2011…
But I knew I had to leave because it was not doing good to my self-esteem and self-worth. It took me a few months and lots of tears to finally let it go.
I now learnt that we should only work hard for bosses who are worthy of us, who can make us feel proud of ourselves and who knows how to unleash our potential and polish us into gems.
I also accepted that Life was not all that unfair to me afterall. I did suffer injustice for 3.5 years but Life was kind to me towards the end of my career in that workplace. Life had introduced me good colleagues, good bosses and new good friends…:)
Life gave me the chance to leave my unhappy career with happy new memories…
A New Beginning
Ending of an unhappy career usually means a new beginning in my work and life…
This new beginning did not come easy. But it makes me realized that, by keeping my options open, opportunities will come along.
I am happy and thankful in my new career. Work is busy but I really love the busyness, because I am working for someone who appreciates what I can contribute to the organisation.
My new career is definitely not perfect. There are office politics and there are 小人 too. But at least I know that my new bosses have “eyes”. I know I can trust that they are unbiased and with good characters. I also know that the majority of my close working colleagues are kind and want the best for the organisation.
Missing My Travelling Sprees
Suffering withdrawal symdrome from my travelling sprees last year. 
I definitely can feel the itch for not being able to travel this year, as much as I did last year. But I know I have an empty piggy bank to fill up again before I can plan for my next long trip.
I am thankful for the opportunities “to see the world” last year. I enjoyed the visits to BKK and KL to catch up with my long-lost friends, and I had fun spending a good 10 days in Taiwan with Qiuling.

My trip to Taiwan was especially fruitful. Not only, we covered the north-west part of Taiwan, bought tonnes of food and beauty products, I also make a new Taiwan friend. It was also addictive to experience travelling alone. 
Pinky and Me on plane alone
I don’t mind sharing that I do have plans to travel alone again by end of this year. And I am determined to make more friends around the world, so that I have more opportunities to travel alone to visit them 😛
But I also do not mind travelling with new travelmates too, because I always believe travelling with different people helps to make me a more accommodative, understanding and considerate person.
Jamie goes to Primary School
Time flies and my baby girl is already in Primary 1 now. She is still not reading well but at least I see progress.
Jamie’s K2 Graduation
Jamie 6yrs old birthday party
I was thrilled to hear and see her reading the books brought from the LSP.
We still believe she can catch up with her peers when she is ready to hit her milestone for her reading skills.
Jiayou Jamie! One day, you too can write your own blog! ^^
James Can Talk
In fact, these days we felt that James talks too much. Hahaha… But we are glad that the siblings can finally communicate with each other.
James’ first concert performance
James’ big 3 birthday
Goodbye to a Long-term friend 
Ace was like an old friend to us because we had been through so much together with him. Laogong and I had our fair share of scares too during the last few months of Ace’s life. We were grateful that Ace survived till his COE expired.
Thank you Ace, you had been a good friend! 

Goodbye for a Better Future
We could not bear to rent out our first love nest but it is not economical to leave it empty. Yet it is not big enough to fit 4 adults and 2 children comfortably.
Hence, we will be renting it out for a better future for our children.
Addicted to Staycations
We are busy filling up our empty piggy banks, hence unable to go for long trips. However, it does not stop us to become addicted to staycations (be it couple trips or family trips), especially staycations across the borders.
Enjoying good currency exchange rate for the past one year had given us opprtunities to try other JB hotels other than KSL and Hotel Jen @ Puteri Harbour. We especially loves DoubleTree Hilton now for the good rates and friendly staff. But we really do not mind trying out more JB hotels to compare their service quality.
I even thought of going on roadtrips with Laogong to different parts of Malaysia by public transport, like those “good old days” again when we were young and “poor” but adventurous.
Panda Supermum Reporting
This April happens to be the once every two years “supermum peak period”. Once again, I am challenged and stretched to my max to test my endurance and time management.
Lucky for me this round, because my new boss is extremely understanding. 将心比心, I will give her my best within my means even when I am tied up at home.
I always treasure this opportunity to bond with my children and to train them to be more independent. I know we had been blessed so far with a good helper, but sometimes we really never know if she may change her mind suddenly. 
I also treasure the opportunity to cook for the family. Many people may have forgotten that I actually can cook. Maybe I cannot cook as well as my helper but I believe I can cook well enough for my children to finish up the food I prepared for them. 
However, having to spend more time for my children’s routine work eg bathing, eating and putting them to sleep etc, also means sacrificing my Me and Sleep Time. Hence, I totally look like Panda Supermum now! Hahaha! 

Looking forward to be a Princessy Supermum once again 😛
My Scheduled Belated Birthday Celebrations
Previous years, I would meet up my friends before my actual birthday to have a meal or/and some activities.
But this year, due to my helper’s home visit leave, I could not agree to any birthday meetup before my actual birthday. Instead, I had to pack all my birthday celebrations on the long weekends from 28 Apr to 2 May 2016. 
28 Apr 2016 – I will be on Birthday Leave so I will be having a joint birthday celebration with my nephew, Keith, again! This year, we are trying out the newly opened Punggol Safra Indoor Water Playground! Look out for my review about it! 
29 April 2016 – Birthday High Tea with Uni Friends at Vintage High Tea @ Dempsey. Will do a Food Review! 
1 May 2016 – Helper will be arrived in Sg in the afternoon, hence Night Time should be going out with Laogong
2 May 2016 – Lunch Buffet @ Swissotel and KTV at Teo Heng, Suntec with 好姐妹. Will do a Food Review!
7 May 2015 – Mothers’ Day Lunch/Dinner with my mother
8 May 2015 – Mothers’ Day Buffet Lunch @ Carousel with mother-inlaw.
21-22 May 2016 – Joint Birthday Staycation with Yvonne @ M Hotel
Who else want to chope me in May? Hahaha!

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