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New Look!!!

Going for a new hair dye was not an abrupt decision.
I had been pondering for the longest time whether to go for this new hair colour. I flipped magazines and googled images. But I was worried it doesn’t suit me and will add a few years to my existing look.
However, I knew I need to dye my hair soon because the ‘helmet’ is expanding itself.
Weeks ago I was teasing Jamie that Mummy wants to look like Ariel (the little mermaid). Jamie didn’t really get what I mean and replied ..”but Mummy, you need the tail-fin before you can become a mermaid.”
I wonder what will she say when she saw me with my new hair colour. Hehehe…
I was lucky that Matthew was free to do my hair this evening. I was trying my luck when I texted him at 5pm.
Yes! He is free at 6.30pm!!!


So there I was, saying goodbye to my brown brown hair…
Matthew was encouraging and promised to add more violet into the hair dye so that this new hair colour will be more lasting…
I was not allowed to use steam on my hair treatment and not allowed to wash my hair for two days so to give time for the red to settle down.
He taught me that all hair can absorb red dye. However it defers from hair to hair, how much hair dye it can absorb. And whatever that was not absorbed will remain at the top layer of the hair. The unabsorbed hair dye will then be washed off gradually. Hence if we do not disturb the hair or apply chemical shampoo to the hair for a few days, it gives the hair more time to absorb more of the red hair dye.
Ohhh… Then I need to tahan two days of no hair wash then! Hehehe…
My new look nice mah?!!
Under warm lighting and no lighting, you cannot see the colour. BUT under white light or daylight, it’s very vibrant!!!
Love it!


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