Marriage & Parenting

I know I will have Separation Anxiety


What separation anxiety lah? Some of you will ask me. I will still be their mummy, stay in the same house and I can continue with whatever I had been doing for them this past one month what…
Well, I cannot continue to do everything I did for them for this past one month.
Maybe to many mummies out there, whatever I had done was no big deal. It had been their usual routine.
You see, every mummy is different. Every marriage is different. Every parenthood is different. We cannot expect every mummy to do the same thing, even when we hope that the “outcome” is the same.
Routine care helps in bonding. That I do not deny. But that is not the only avenue to bonding with our kids. There are so many other avenues to bond with our kids and still we can maintain a Life of our own.
Laogong and I still believe that to be good parents, we need to sustain and maintain our marriage and couple time. Because how we maintain our relationship/marriage will unconsciously influence our children in their beliefs how their future relationship/marriage should be.
Laogong had sacrificed his needs for couple time and his “wife” for the past one month, so I need to resume my role as a “wife” soon. Haha!
I need my ME time too so as to sustain my level of energy. I need to recharge so I can love myself more, before I can love everyone else more too.
And of coz I need to catch up with all the excitement coming up in my new career. I want to play a part in being the pioneer in letting the whole Singapore or even the whole world knows about Sunflower ^^
There are things that I learnt from this past one month which I will like to continue to do for my children but maybe in other methods/ways.
I will like to have more private dates with my children individually. I feel that they had been trying very hard to fight for my attention and I wish that occasionally they can have me just for themselves. And of coz there are times I wish I can focus just one child at a time. Lets see if this is possible.
But I know I will still need to go through a slight separation anxiety having to transit back to the previous lifestyles at home.

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