Friends & Neverland

Goodbye to a Good Friend of 10 years

11 April 2016, we bid goodbye to a good friend of 10 years.

You have served us well and had been a great help. We are sorry we are unable to extend your stay and lifespan with us. We hope that they will not scrape you but instead fix you and send you to overseas, where you once again can find a good owner who will love you as we did.

We named him “Ace” because he was once very important in our lives. He saw through my two pregnancies and kept my two children safe on the road. He once had to wake up very early and be on the road with me till late when we were staying in Punggol and had to travel to and fro YCK-Thomson-Orchard everyday for work, Laogong’s school and Jamie’s school. He once accompanied me everyday to my current new job for many months. He also had travelled to KL, Genting and Melaka with us and so many more places in Singapore.

Once again, thank you so much for being in our lives. Your younger brother, “Alpha”, will continue your legacy with us.
Goodbye our loyal, faithful and trustworthy friend…

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