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Goodbye is for a Better Future…

Guess I am always the one who is more emotional when comes to saying goodbye.
Laogong was sure from the start that we have to do this. Actually I also know we have to do this. Being a 4 bedroom 5A flat located in Bishan, my mil house definitely has more rooms to fit everyone comfortably. It is also more accessible to Laogong’s work place, Jamie’s primary school and many parts of Singapore. We had agreed from the start that eventually we will move back to take care of the old folks and our Punggol house was merely a good investment.
I don’t mind staying with my mil too because she is a very docile and easy-going person. She is also not calculaive and is always willing to help out. She even changed her working shift to help out for this month. She has every right to be like many other grandma these days who just want their personal time and space but she didn’t. I am very grateful I have a nice mother-in-law.
But I cannot help but feel a little sad that our first little nest which we “built” from scratch is now going to be someone’s else home. In a way, I should be happy that it will no longer be an empty house but will once again be able to bring warmth to its new occupiers.
Yah, we are renting our Punggol house out. The house where we spent 2.5years; where I did my 2nd confinement; where Jamie and James grew up…
But I know this is the start to a better future… With the extra income, we will be able to give the family a better life… We can even look forward to do a full renovation for my mil house in 1-2 yrs time or a second property in 3-5 yrs time.
So yes, we have to do this! 
May the new occupiers will take care of our house like if it is their long-term home…
We just did our last packing and cleaning of the house and had moved out the last boxes of our personal items. 
Will share the rental procedure experiences in the next blog posts…

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