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Hopefully the last bad happening in year 2015

Almost 2 months into my new job. I am enjoying myself doing what I am good at and enjoy doing.

I am quite a SOP 女郎 and I enjoy planning and developing systems, workflows and protocols in doing things. Of coz, everything can go wrong in actual operations. But this doesn’t mean we should do without a system or do not try and develop one.
I guess being an internal auditor is inevitably not going to make me someone “popular” in the organisation. But I believe once they, who put me under their hatelist, go through mentoring and coaching with me, they will find me a very nice and easy-going person. ^^ Just that I am objective when it comes to getting jobs done. Oops..
The year is coming to an end and I really hope only good happenings will follow me for year 2016. Hopefully my 2 nights at TTSH is the last bad happening for year 2015.
It all started with a yummy buffet lunch at Carlton Hotel on the fateful Sunday (20 Dec 15). I started to feel naueous and LS near dinner time. After two rounds of throwing up, I headed home and threw up more times. By 8pm I was dehydrated. Laogong was unable to tush home in time, so MIL sent me to TTSH’s A&E while Laogong met us there.
I was told that apart from the stomach virus attack, I had other complications like UTI too. I was then admitted to TTSH for further blood tests and stomach virus & UTI treatments. But there was NO room in the whole TTSH!
There I was stranded on a corridor bed at a B2 ward from Monday (21 Dec 15) 2am in the early morning to 4pm in the afternoon. But the good thing about being on a corridor bed compared to being in a ward is, you are TOO visible to all doctors and nurses who were always walking past you. Hence, I got lots of attention from various doctors and nurses.
I was put on drip and still throwing up gastric juices since 2am on Monday because I was too hungry after throwing out all my lunch (and I didn’t had dinner) since 8pm. I started to moaned and begged for some food or milo. But Inwas told I cannot eat or drink anything until they receive instructions from my doctor. But the next round would be at 8am!
So i kept begging every nurse who walked past me until one kind nurse pass me some milo. Thanks to the milo, I finally could get my sleep.
I started my first meal since I was admitted by throwing out more gastric juices. This porridge is tasteless but at least it is real food! I finished 3/4 bowls of it thinking I should not “overeat” since I feel better. However, I regreted shortly coz this was my only meal of the day till I finished my MRI Scan (urinal and kidney) in the afternoon! Argh…
The wait at the Radiology Department was very long. I went at 1pm and only back at about 3pm. It was long past lunchtime but I was starving so I begged for food again. A kind nurse gave me this. I munched my biscuit blissfully as nurses changed my drip and gave me
another round of antibotics.
There was still no room for me and Laogong told me he had already upgraded me to A ward, in hope I will get a bed soon. Finally, I got my bed at 4pm but the B2 ward staff was very busy and understaff, hence they only completed the file transfer close to 5pm.

When I finally got into my A ward, I was feeling so relieved. Dinner was still porridge and tasted bad. Argh.. and the fish is not fully cooked! Oh gosh.. I am not going to get more stomach virus.

I didn’t finished my dinner and asked for teabreak! Yes! A ward teabreak is really not the same compared to B2 ward! I actually got a yummy banana muffin!!! You cannot believe this but I am a big hospital milo fan! Hahaha..
Laogong was really sweet and surprised me with flowers and hello kitty balloon! He also brought the kids over to visit me! I miss my little darlings!

So happy Yvonne visited me! See how happy the kids to see Godma! And see how cui I was! Argh! Thanks goodness it is over!

The breakfast and teabreak before I discharged was really a great treat!
Looks so nice hor? Taste so nice too!
Finally I passed the blood pressure check and doctor allowed me to discharge. Coz my blood pressure was low (83-92) until Tuesday morning (116). Yes! So looking forward to my own bed and my two darlings!
Feeling much better now and all packed for our family genting trip! Thank goodness I recovered in time, otherwise the kids would be so disappointed. They had been counting down to their “mountain” holidays and the cool weather! Packed all my medicine and warm clothings ^^ Packed lots of food to entertain the kids too! Haha!
Really I hope all bad happenings will end right here and right now. Now I know the importance of not only being slim and pretty, but also healthy and has strong immunity. So I am looking forward to a healthier lifestyle in the coming year! Will talk about my new year resolutions in my next blog post ^^
Meantime, Merry Xmas to everyone!!!

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