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[Movie Review] The Martian – I will survive

Initially, I hesitated about watching this movie. I didn’t want to watch a sad and demoralising movie. I want to watch a movie that is inspiring and positive. I had thought this movie is about a man who tried hard to survive after being stranded on Mars but failed.
I was wrong.
This movie is about how one of the best problem solvers survived on Mars for 400+ days despite all hopes seemed to have lost.
Seriously, this movie tells that any man who can apply your expertise/forte and with a never-say-die attitude when you need to do what you aren’t good in, is going to walk a long way and survive any shit that can happen in your life.
Nothing is impossible. You just need to be positive, resourceful and focus on solving  your problems. See how Mark grew potatoes using his own human waste as fertilizer and how he made water using chemistry knowledge.
This movie tells that it is not impossible for us to one day live in Mars. It tells how all the theories can work as long as we are willing to experiment the theories. The movie tells us our dreams in living in other planets can come true one day, if we keep on trying and experimenting.
The movie tells us that even at our darkest moments, we should not waste time feeling sad because feeling sad not only drains your morale and energy, but it also won’t get you anywhere.
Focusing on solving your problems one by one, will get you somewhere. Like what Mark says “When you solve enough problems, you can go home.”
I used to spend time sucking my own energy and feeling emo. Not anymore. This is my resolution for this year. To stop crying over spill milk and grieve continuously over something i have no control of or cannot do anything about. I will make full use of my existing resources to solve my problems one by one. And then it will be time to harvest the fruits of my efforts.
I want to believe that this time all things wil go well. This time I will survive…

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