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Eventful 6 Days ^^ for my Little Princess

Sneaking a rest and some ME time now after a satisfying salad dinner at Cedele, after “flew” car from office to home then to Novena Square for Jamie’s phonics lessons. Tiring but happy week.
It was a good week so far at my new workplace. Once again, every day is a fruitful day. But of coz, I miss my little ones. However, I am sure they know that it is a “correct” decision to maintain a dual income in the household and we always have their best interests at heart.
The new venture was great. Distance to work is far but the vibes are good. So I am always looking forward to a great time at work every day.
Bye to all my past unhappiness. I will stay happy and positive always! Thank you all my friends who sent me well wishes for my new career! I really appreciate it and it is important to me.
I thank those who have not forgotten me and still “holding” on to the torches for me, as I walked down this new journey. I am grateful to you all 🙂 I hope I get to bump into more good people in my new journey! ^^
It is my Princess’ birthday parties season again! Yes, this year we are still going to POLW for her “house” party! Due to the haze and fear of uncertain weather, I spent so much time “sourcing” and “testing” for affordable indoor playgrounds. I found some within my budget but eventually we are still going to take the risk. After all, it is her birthday party. So she gets to “call the shot”.
It is going to be a busy 6 days for her and me! Haha! Afterall, as always Supermummy me never fails to make sure her Princess’ birthday celebration is a success. What’s more her birthday this year crushes into the Deepavali public holidays and her graduation concert! So Busy!!!
See her schedule below for this 6 days!
6 Nov (Fri) – K2 Graduation Concert
7 Nov (Sat) – Birthday Party @ POLW
8 Nov (Sun) – Greatgrandma Birthday
9 Nov (Mon) – School Celebration
10 Nov (Tue) – Playdate with her 2 BFFs
11 Nov (Wed) – Actual Birthday
So busy right?
This year’s birthday themes she wants “Inside Out” and “My Little Pony”. Did my research and found some really nice party favors for her goodie bags! I like them so much myself! Haha!

So nice right?!! I got them on Qoo10 at a good price 🙂 Jamie helped me with the packing of the goodie bags and wrote the invitation cards herself! She even insisted to send the invitation cards with me together at Singpost! She is really excited about her party on Saturday!

Maybe next year she will be able to plan her own birthday party! 🙂

So looking forward to the eventful 6 days!

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