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Ironically, it was the month of sicknesses that created the opportunity for me to appreciate all the extra time I have now.
It was all the extra time that allowed me to be there for Jamie when she needed to go for her psych review and to check out her injured gum. It was all the extra time that allowed me to be there for James when his fever remained sky high.
It was my bedridden weeks that stopped me from feeling bored and always going out, and to appreciate lying in bed with my two little darlings.
I now feel blissful for all the extra time now I now have with my children. All the extra time had grown us closer to each other…
Jamie was at first not very happy that I was not working because I was hardly at home still and yet unable to spurge on her like before. But after weeks with her lately due to my illnesses, she just asked if I would still have time for her when I start work again.
I now know what to focus on when I look for my next job. It is not how much it can pay me or how fast my career progression can be. What really matter to me now is my family. I really am happy now that I am spending more time with my children and hubby. It was really not worth it to work so hard for people who didn’t appreciate me. I should even thank them for pushing me to the edge so that I gave up on them. So that I now have the extra time for people who care for/need me…
I have really learnt to count my blessings everyday now… ^^

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