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Obasan to Hot Mama #4 (My Slimming Journey – Losing 16kg in 3 months) – Lost 6.5kg in 1.5 months!

It has been a terrible two weeks of coughing and sneezing. Even my children were sick. I was hesitant to eat the medicine though I was voiceless. However, I was told that if I don’t get well soon, my body had to spend more of its ‘resources’ to fight the virus, than to burn my fats.
So I guai guai ate medicine for a week. But the timing was ‘just nice’ because I could not go for my treatment too, as I was having my menses. But to my surprise, I still lost quite a significant amount of weight! Resume my treatment last week and noticed I lost 2.1kg from the two sicky weeks! Woohoo!
Went for my 8th sessions last Saturday. Lost another 800gram for the week. Somehow I was not too satisfied, though my therapist assured me that I was doing well to lose 6.5kg in 7 sessions. I confessed to her that I had not been drinking as much water for the week because I went for visits almost every day. Due to the long weekend, I did not sleep as much too 😦
Frankly, I got a feeling that I did not lose as much weight for this week, even before I stood on the weighing machine. i think it was good that I know what actually went wrong, so that I could prevent it from happening again this week. So you must know your daily routine very well before you can start this programme.
Those who wish to try out this programme, please take note you need to drink min 3 litres of water by 7pm everyday, of which you need to finish 2.2 litres before 2pm. You are also required to sleep min 6-8 hours everyday. Best to sleep before 11pm to achieve best results!
Now comes my menu again! After the intensive first few sessions, I had to make slight adjustments to my menu due to my job nature (need to go for visits so can’t have all my meals in office). I love to socialize so I may need to meet friends after work, during dinner time.
I tried to be as guai as I can when comes to my lunch options. I know you will be wondering how to sustain this 魔鬼食谱 and not get sick of it before the end of the programme. Actually, I am a bit sick of my menu now. So I always try to make it more interesting and also test my ‘boundaries’. This of coz may mean to risk weight gain or no weight loss. So as much as possible, I try to stick to the rules, and only bend it under certain circumstances.
This post will be endless if I go on and on  about my menu 😛 So I am going to end here and talk about my menu in the next post!
Am sorry that I always take so long to write my posts 😦 But recently, my hands are very full. I will try very very hard to catch up with my postings k?
Don’t leave me! Come back often to read my postings 🙂 And to accompany me in my journey to a slimmer me! It’s really tough so I need lots of support and well wishes!
Look at me! I have slimmed down from this fat and round Jolene……
February 2013, CNY Lou Hei with my Uni friends – 67kg
To this slightly better me in June/July 2013, just before my treatment – 63.4kg
To this slimmer and healthier Jolene on 9 and 10 August 2013 – 56.9kg!!!



And guess what? I took sooooo long to find the photos I took before my slimming programme!!! Coz I had refused to take any full body photo 😛 Oops!
Hahaha! This is me, today!


Stay tune!
In the next post, I will share my menu and how I made it this far!

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