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Obasan to Hot Mama #3 (My Slimming Journey – Losing 16kg in 3 months) – Lost 2 kg in 5 days!

5 days and I had miraculously Iost 2kg!
Yes! No exercise at all!

Believe me, this is not an advertorial and not a sponsored post. I am sharing my personal experience! And if I can drop to my ideal (pre-delivery) weight, I will then share more about this salon I am visiting. Because if it doesn’t work for me, I don’t want any of you to waste money too ^^
But hor, slimming down at such speed is no easy task k? There is really no short cut to slim down.
When I was preparing for my wedding, I went to gym min 3-4 times a week x 2hrs weekly, 2 times slimming massages a week, injected nano therapy (meso therapy alike), ate vegetables for 2-3 months. But all I lost was a few kilos. It was a very time consuming and tiring regime but I spent relatively same amount of time as I did now.
The current regime I am undergoing now involves acupuncture slimming treatments and strict diet. I will not elaborate much on the treatments today but will just show you a glimpse of what I had been eating.
If you are a picky eater, you may need a lot more discipline to keep up with the strict diet, because there are not much to choose from. Hence the less variety of food you eat, the more effort is needed to follow this diet plan. However, if you really want to or need to slim down, I guess nothing is impossible to you!
I am someone who loves to eat. But I also eat everything. So I guess only the first few days seemed like a torment. Once my body adjust to this diet plan, it seemed to be cooperative as far ^^
My friends asked me why did I go through such torment and sacrifice to slim down? I could have just exercise and eat lesser. As I had shared earlier, my body doesn’t react as well to exercises. I guess every body is different. Another reason is I don’t have as much time as I had before I got married. With two kids, I cannot afford to burn my weekends and after office hours on exercises. I am very lucky that the salon is very near my current office, hence I can go there during lunch time and still have time for my children after work.
But I wish to share that these treatments and diet plan react differently on everyone. I heard stories of people slimming down 2-3kg overnight and people whom started slow but significant weight loss appeared towards the end of the 20 sessions. The first 2 days I was very stressed too because my body was not responding to the acupuncture treatments and there was no weight loss. I was close to panicking and like most people, I started to grumble that I wasted money again lah… Blah blah blah…
But the surprise came on the last 3 days when there was a constant weight loss every day! Hurray! Therapist told me that my body is finally responding and responding very well indeed because of the consistency in weight loss.
I am really looking forward to seeing more weight loss everyday! If you are interested to follow my journey in the making of a hot mama, subscribe to my blog to stay updated of new posts!
Ta-da! Lets have a look of my ‘gourmet’ for the last few days! I am thankful I have a great helper who sleeps late every night and wakes up everyday at 6am to prepare my special diet! Thank you, Pyone! I think if I need to prepare the food myself, I won’t be so hardworking 😛

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