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[Food Review] Yummy Low Fat Yogurt Icecream~!!!

My hubby very poor thing, it was another burnt Saturday for him Today. Last weekend, he had to be at his students’ CCA’s events too. And Today he had to stay in NTU the whole day for class and his FYP project 😦

So had to make plan for Today lor…Went out for K-lunch with my friend, Qiuling at AMK Central till 2pm. We had teabreak at J8 Dessert Stall at 3.30pm – Carrot Cake + Chee Cheong Fun + Cold White Fungus with Pumpkin. Had Laksa Yong Tau Fu dinner at J8 Foodcourt at 5.30pm. Last but not least, Yammi Yogurt for Dessert at 7pm… Hehehe…

Didn’t take many photos because Qiuling is a bit camera shy 😛 So took it during our Teabreak only… Heehee… the chee cheong fun and carrot cake are really NICE leh ^^

But hor, that’s not what I want to introduce to you all lah…

My very sweet hubby offered to gave us a lift home at about 8pm. And we went to do some grocery shopping at NTUC before he reached J8. I found this very yummy looking Yogurt Icecream in NTUC… It looked like this…

When I bought it, I was mainly attracted to its colourful packaging. And it was my first time to see a Yogurt Icecream ^^

And hor, guess what?! Me and my hubby finished the whole tub in 30 minutes!!!

Now you see it, now you don’t~!!!

How big is the tub ah? Hmmm.. it’s the size of the ben and jerry icecream tub. Per tub is for 4 servings… Hehehe…

What’s good about it?! Hmmm it’s unlike the usual sweet creamy icecream nor the soury sorbet yogurt… It’s just nice lor… I chose the peach favour and it comes with bits of peaches~!!! There are other favours like blueberry, strawberry, mango etc. And one tub is about $5.95 only. And it melts in my mouth ^^

And it’s LOW FAT~!!! Just 90 calories per serving, meaning whole tub is only 360 calories~!!! Yum yum yum…

Ehhh… it’s not an advertorial or commercial I am writing lah… kekeke… it’s just a new product I discovered~!!! Thought it’s will be very interesting to share some of the new products I notice when I go shopping or when I am browsing the various magazines (since I am so free, anyway :X). They can be food, fashion items or IT products… etc.

Okay lah, maybe it’s not THAT NEW to some other readers lah… But then New to me lor 😛

Anyway, Go buy a tub and tell me if you think it is Nice k?!!

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