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Happy 1st Year Wedding Anniversary~


Guess what?! Me and my Hubby actually both forgot about it… But my good friend Bixia remember~!!!

But we aren’t upset about it lah! I guess, now we can only remember our baby’s due date 😛

It’s a no-internet day for me from morning till 5.30pm. My hubby fixed it when he got home. And hor, I think sometimes it’s good to have no internet in the house. I realized nowadays we are all too reliant on the internet and ended up we are always so ‘distracted’ and hence has less time to do more productive activities or even interact with your loved ones…

I actually managed to finish my packing of the bedroom – my wardrobe, baby cupboards and even my hubby’s reservist items. This is what I had done today!!!

1. Kept most of my maternity wears since I am going to deliver soon! It will be more motivating to look at the tiny clothes I used to be able to fit in~ And look forward to slim down faster!!! Not forgetting, I can anytime hand-down the maternity wears to the next mummy-to-be.

2. Arrange my baby items accordingly, so that it will be easier to find the items when I need them.

3. Pack my hubby’s reservist items into a travel luggage so that my hubby can find what he needs easily before his reservist (11jan2010). I think I will be too engrossed with Jamie by then to help him dig his items. So better get everything ready first.

Heehee.. yaa, I am like that one. I like to get everything ready before the event. Coz I know I am a gancheong spider. If I cannot find what I need when I need it, I will be very grouchy and hard to deal with 😛 Those who have worked with me before, know this part of me very well… But I am very helpful and relaxed with my good friends…

That’s why, I always think it’s best not to be a working partner or colleague with my good friends. ^^

Few days back, my friend asked me if I will be a strict mummy… Frankly, I don’t know leh… Heehee… I will hope I am not…

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