Marriage & Parenting

36th Week Checkup…

Just had my supper~!!!

After getting something from my brother, my hubby and I headed towards Chong Pang Nasi Lemak for supper!!! I ordered too much~~~ Heehee… I ordered Chicken Wings, Otak, Ikan Bilis with peanuts, fried eggs and curry vegetables~~~ Hehehe…


It’s to celebrate my little weight gain for these two weeks 😛

I even had Swenson Fish and Chip for dinner at 4.30pm just now after the gynae checkup 😛 heehee…

Yea! I gained only 400g for the last two weeks, while my ger ger gained 500g… She is 2.7kg now and me 62.9kg… Not bad hor… I gained only 10kg so far ^^ A good weight gain… Think my ger ger will be around 3.2kg by the time she is born.

Hmmm.. but one thing is, she is still in her notti beech position 😦 Gynae tried to turn her again but well… I think she turned back herself liao…Like my gynae said, my baby is a notti baby…

kekeke… but I guess it’s coz she has a rebellious daddy and mummy lor 😛 So no choice… Heehee…

Gynae said I have two more weeks before I need to make the decision whether to C-sec before the due date or continue to wait for the due date to see if there will be a miracle that Jamie will turn over on her own.

Hmmm.. Lets pray hard that Jamie will decide to turn over on her own within these two weeks ^^


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