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[Movie] Immerse in the MMORPG Virtual Reality – Ready Player One

The first feeling I get when watching Ready Player One was “the storyline is kinda of similar to Sword Art Online 2”, where all MMORPG believers join force to fight against an common enemy.

And the feeling of “No matter how powerful you are in the real world, you are just like everyone else in the virtual reality world. If you don’t build up your skills in the VR world, you are just a noob. Anyone can kick your ass.”

I guess that is the reason why people can immerse themselves in the VR world and lost themselves. The real world is such a pain and it may not be what you expect it to be. But you can imagine yourself to be whoever you are in the VR World and be famous & almighty.


“No matter how painful the real world is, we still need to embrace it as it is the only thing that is REAL.”

It is sad to see everyone not interacting with one another in the real world even though they are just walking down the streets side by side together. Instead everyone is absorbed into the VR World and interact there instead. This is exactly how we are now, staring at our handphones as we walk, instead of nodding and smiling at the people we passed by.Ironically, technology has brought people thousands of miles “together” but also made us cold and socially awkward. We have lost the abilities to make friends the good old fashion way. We chose to only believe what we want to believe.

“You are not in love with me. You are in love with what I want you to think I am.”

The movie seems to want to tell those who are blinded and overly immersed in the VR World that, they not only can be somebody in the VR World, they can be somebody in the real world too. As long as you fight for what you believe in.

We do have a choice where and how we want to live our lives. Samantha only lives a street away from Wade where it has a slower pace of life and cleaner air. If Wade had not been busy living his alternative life in the Oasis and spending all his money there, he may have found or save his way out of the Stack already.

Those retro songs reminds me of Guardians of the Galaxy, where you hear nostalgic oldies while watching a movie telling of the future. It tells of how people miss the good old days no matter how advanced we have become. The good old days is still better when things are simpler.

But there is also the irony that VR friends can actually be dependable too, coz of the amount of time spent with each other everyday, compare to your family members. Kinda of sad isn’t it?

So? Is your VR friend your Bestie too?

Steven Spielberg is my childhood hero. He never fails to amaze me when comes to movie magic. He can bring anything non-existence come alive. And the digital graphic in the movie is so “real” that it makes me wonder who is the real “main character in the movie”. The real person or the digital graphic.

Maybe this movie means nothing to those who doesn’t play MMORPG. But if you are a player, you will know what I mean. Calling out to all MMORPG players, don’t miss this movie! Have fun watching!

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