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8 Ways to Distress cum My Series of Birthday Celebrations

Hello World! Lately I had been busy and stressed over work and life, hence I am having backlog in my blogging again.
Feeling guilty when my friends told me they were looking forward to hear more about my various food venture, staycations and my recent Koh Samui getaway with Laogong.
Oops.. I really got to be more committed in my blogging. I actually always have new ideas. Recently, my Laogong even suggested I can do a Scoot4Food Series with him when he realized there are many good foodie spots to explore which are within scooting distance. He was also game to do cafe-hopping and finding new pak-tok spots with me! Feeling so loved! My girl also suggested doing Youtube videos with me! Wow! Am I not been a positive influence in exposing my family members to the social media?
So what had I been doing these two months to destress?
Vintage Birthday High Tea at Dempsey with my lovely friends on 29 April 2016
I have the habits of googling and reading up blogger reviews before I go for my food venture. I will try to write more food reviews too to share my experiences!
I was not disappointed with the “famous” Vintage High Tea @ Dempsey. There was a good variety of both sweet and savory bites. I especially love the raspberry tea served too!
Haha! Food has always been a good therapy for me when I am stressed (which is not good! Haha!). Thus I am even more inspired to try out and recommend only food that worth the calories!
We ended the evening with dinner with a beautiful view at Keppel Bay, Prive.
Birthday Lunch at Swissotel, Market Cafe on 2 May 2016
I have two very accommodating friends who are always eager to bring me to try the seafood in different hotels.
I really like the crabs and good variety of food at Market Cafe, the only imperfect part of the place is its noise level.

I was so lucky to grabs some of the black pepper crabs on my first serving as I was unable to get any (due to the long queue) after that.

As usual, we forgot to take a group picture again 😦 I think I will opt for a quiet, non-crowded, non-noisy high tea session in future so we do not need to rush through our food and be chased out of the restaurant in 2 hours. It made my food therapy seems too stressful!
But it was really good food and I had my fill and feel 🙂
Mothers’ Day Lunch at Carousel on 8 May 2016
Again I did my homework before the big feast. But I still could not believe my eyes! The seafood spread was heavenly for me! There was Oysters, Chilled Prawns, Crabs, Shellfish and Crayfish I will definitely go back then again for the seafood!
Though I had a bad lesson about eating Oysters last Xmas, I still cannot help it but gobbled a few down. The children also had fun trying out different food.
But what was most important during this family gathering, was that everyone in the family trying their best to be present for this special day to celebrate for my mother-in-law.
I especially love this family photo!
Joint Birthday Staycation with Yvonne on 20-21 May 2016
We totally enjoyed our nua-ing in the hotel, since we checked in at 2.30pm.
It was a great idea to get the Club Room, which is only few tens of dollars more than the normal room, but comes the list of M Club benefits below:

Interestingly, we are two good friends, who give each other a lot of personal space, even when we travel or have staycations together.

Since we left our common workplace, we meet and chat lesser due to our busy schedule. But I know we can always count on each other in our time of need. Thank you for always being there for me!
Love the quiet private check-in and the quiet afternoon tea at the M Club Lounge. I can see that we are both trying to let-go, recharge and avoid binge eating! Haha!
The foc afternoon snacks include yummy homemade cookies, coffee/tea and chips. Not too fanciful but good enough for us to stay full till the evening cocktail ^^
The room is cosy and nice. We are not so much into the room itself, except nua-ing in bed and watching TV together. 😛

When the clock struck 6pm, we hit the M Club Lounge again. We were not so keen in the canapés which included lovely macaroons and pretty small bites…

Yes, people who know us have guess it correctly! We aimed for the free flow red and white wine. In fact, there was so little crowd in the M Club Lounge, I think we finished 3 of the 4 bottles of red wine served. The wine helped us slept well that night. Sleep is always the best antidote for stress.
Hugging and Bonding with my two darlings
My J&J never failed to make my day no matter how tired or how short fused I am for the day.
Even when the weekdays wore me out, I still look forward to bring them out every weekends!
Really love them!
Just last Saturday, Yvonne and I challenged ourselves by bringing J&J to the zoo (without Laogong). Though tired, I really enjoyed myself with my darlings!
Feeling loved by Laogong
This one month we had been through a lot together, and we both made efforts to make things work. Now we are lovey dovey like we first got together. It really feels good being sticky to Laogong once again! And feeling loved definitely helped me to feel destress too!
Missing Laogong really badly during his 3 weeks overseas reservist! Counting down to his return everyday!
Laogong never fails to surprise me with his very sweet staycations to ensure we have sufficient privacy, despite being parents of two young children. Many couples we know would have think otherwise but I really do believe that marriage is the foundation of effective parenting. He would always want to feed me with the best food and buy me anything within his purchasing power.
My Surprise Birthday Staycation at One Degree 15, Sentosa
Though I did joke with Laogong about a belated birthday celebration for me after our helper returned, I did not think too much about it. Hence, it was really a sweet pleasant surprise when Laogong brought me to One Degree 15 @ Sentosa for one night stay.
I had always hoped to go for the new Wing of Time laser show at The Beach Station but had not have the chance. My very thoughtful Laogong actually remember my wishlist and brought me there!
It is all these sweet thoughts that means so much to me 🙂
Laogong helping me to cut and peel snow crab legs
Maybe to many, this act seems no big deal but Laogong being someone who does not eat crabs due to bad childhood experience, this means alot to me. He is willing to overcome his “fear” to cut and peel snow crab legs for me!
2+ more days till we meet again.. I miss you Laogong!

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