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爱美日记 – Getting ready for CNY

Wondering if anyone is still curious about the mysterious parcel which arrived almost a week ago…

Have I opened it? Of coz I did! I even tried it on and took some photos. BUT I am not going to upload the photos!

Why? Because I look bad in it…. Kinda of disappointed or maybe I am just not good with online shopping for fashion products 😦

Chinese New Year is in two weeks time and it is so happened to be just after my confinement. I know I am seriously not ready for it but I am not going to just give up like that.

Well, the wig I bought doesn’t look good on me doesn’t mean I can’t try doing hair extensions. Yah lah! I bought wig meant for Chinese New Year. It’s nice on its own but not nice on me coz of my current fat round face 😦 Oh well! It’s cheap and convenience to order the hair though. I bought it on for only S$68. But of coz I also bought the accessories like wig stand, wig stray, wig comb and hair net. But total price of S$100 is very reasonable too 🙂 it’s brown, very long and has wavy bottom. Really very nice but not for round face like mine now 😦

If anyone wants to buy from me let me know k? I only wore it to try out once. Spray,stand and comb not yet used before. I will let all go at $80 with free normal mail.

Heehee… Back to hair extensions. I did some research on and noted that these days, everyone go for real human hair extensions. It is as cheap as S$1 per strand and most are selling at first 100 strands for 100 strands free. I checked out a few famous bloggers website too and noticed they all go to Milly’s for their hair extensions.

Milly’s used to have a branch in Bugis that provides hair dressing services too. But a pity the Bugis branch no longer does that 😦 I managed to book an appointment to do hair extension at the Far East branch on 7 Feb. But I am still unable to find a salon that can help me cut and color my extensions. Thank goodness! Abby volunteers to check out her usual salon for me to see if there is any slot on 8 Feb for us to do our hair together! Love ya, Abby!!! Muacks!!!

Curious how I will look like with my hair extension? Heehee! I will post photos and blog about it once I had done so 🙂 So stay tune ^^



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