Marriage & Parenting

Sleepless… Why can’t I sleep?!

Getting a bit frustrated over the fact that I can’t sleep very much…

Not at night and not in the day too…

Too much in my mind?

Too much tonic?!

I really don’t know!

Does anyone has the answer?

But I do know I have many unfinished matters on hand…

1) not sure what to expect of the 3rd and hopeful last Confinement Lady who will stay on with us till 6 Feb…

2) to cfm guest list, cfm caterer and purchase deco for James first mth celebration…

3) to bao angbao money…

4) to collate hotel list and book for my Beijing trip…

Maybe that’s why I can’t sleep because no matter how I try to push aside the matters, my mind will never take a break until everything is settled and planned. Guess my mind has a mind of its own after all Lolz… Hahaha… Sounds funny…

Maybe I should just let it be… Enjoy my planning and stop telling myself to “take a break” because my mind doesn’t believe in taking a break until the day I lie in my coffin…

But I really getting a bit 茫然… why I so suay? And have to change 3 confinement ladies for a simple confinement period… Why can’t things be simple and need not be so complicated? Or maybe this is to teach me a lesson not to make last minute decisions in future again…?

Yah lah… Obviously it’s not my ‘style’ to make last minute decision but it’s not within my control that this decision still had to be made too. I guess I will still believe that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail…. But we must also understand that even if we do plan, we may not pass with flying colours either… Hehe… With this in mind, we then can be ever ready for last minute cok-up or challenges!



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