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12th day after Delivery

Sometimes I wonder where is the origin of the magic number ’12’…

Why do we need to wait for 12 days before we can bath n wash our hair…

Why do we need to wait for 12 days before those delivered by c-sec can eat chicken and eggs…


Why the number ’12’???

I guess no one really know why now… at least the old folks who chose to follow the tradition did not really ask why in the first place…

Anyhow… Lets celebrate the 12th day of my delivery!!! Claps claps!!!

I washed my hair and bathed with the herbal water. Not too clean but clean enough though.

I am getting tired of the confinement food I ate everyday. Finally I can eat something different. I can now start to see chicken dishes during meals… N eggs too…

But seriously I suddenly don’t feel like eating anything or eating much.. Maybe coz of my corset or maybe coz I am just sick of eating too much before delivery lolz

Back to my confinement food for the last 12 days. Thanks to my CL, she tried her best to make my meals look interesting … Introducing new ways of cooking the same dishes… Thank you aunty 🙂

Today I finally can eat pig trotters!!! I thought I would b thrilled but I am just equally sick of food now lol

What’s wrong with me?!!




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