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Key Collection to my New Nest ^^

Hurray Hurray Hurray!!!

Thanks for all the good people that are in my life 😀

I was still wondering when I will receive the letter for the Key Collection Dates when I browsed the forum yesterday. To my surprise, I was among the last few who had yet to receive any letter of notification for key collection~!!!

As usual, the Gan Cheong Spider side of me popped up and I immediately panicked and wondered if I was left out altogether by HDB (accidentally).

I was lucky to have met up with nice neighbours earlier on and also had chatted with many on the forum. So I SMSed this particular very helpful neighbour and he advised that I could check out my HDBpage.

And YES!!! The Key Collection Date was posted right there!!!

We are going to have our very own nest on 3 Jan 2011~!!!

I immediately plunged into looking at the lunar calendar for next year to find a good date and time to open the door. It needs not be on the same day as my Key Collection but definitely not too many days later since we still need to check for defects etc.

And my Mum was as excited as me. We exchanged quite a few calls to confirm on the Door Opening Day and Time. Felt really glad she would be helping me get the things ready and do the ritual too. I am really new in this and did not want to do the wrong things 😛

Excited Laogong went to check out the new house after dropping me at work 😀 I wonder if he managed to peek into any neighbour’s house that is under renovation now 😛 Waiting to hear more from him later 😀

And Guess What? It’s our 4th Year ROM Anniversary Today 😀 And Guess What he gave me??? A iPad~!!! I had longed for it like for months and YES~ My very sweet and generous Laogong decided to grant my wish so being obedient (to find a job) and understanding 😛 As I said so myself. After all, he had been busy at work, be it at home or at office. But of coz, I had to appreciate his understanding too for my busyness and not being able to be a full-pledged good mother who can be there for her little girl at all times.

Thanks Laogong for always making me feel important, appreciated, accepted and understood 😀 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LAOGONG 😀 Thanks for the Very BIG Gift 😀

And now I am saving up to buy a BIG gift for Laogong too 🙂 Hope I save up enough (by spending less) soon 😀

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