Marriage & Parenting

Another Late Working Nite…

Sigh… Another late working night…

Sometimes I wonder when will all these end.

And I really wonder why are those people not tired of it all? Is it coz they have no other better and more productive things to do about their lives? Or that they are just worried they are forgotten? Some people like to do things to be remembered, be it something good or something bad…

Jamie was asleep again when I got home a while ago. She woke up for a few minutes whining for me. It made my heart breaks to know that she needs me and I could not be around for her. I knew she wanted to stay up later for me but she was too tired to do so. And I am grateful that my good helper, Pyone had created a sleeping routine for Jamie. She used to take her naps between 8pm to 9pm, and drove everyone crazy till 1.30am before she KO-ed. Now with her new routine, she would stay up to play till 11plus and fell asleep after that. Okay, *touch wood* Hope Jamie keeps up the good habit 🙂

Well, of coz she can’t be compared to my friends’ children who sleep at 9pm. It’s quite impossible to think of it even, especially her parents love to hang out late. And we don’t mind bringing her along even to late night movies as long as she doesn’t make a noise. In this way, our good helper gets her reward while taking care of Jamie still in the cinema ^^

I really miss Jamie a lot… And I felt really bad that I worked late the whole of last week since I got back from the trip. What’s worse was, I was so tired that I could not bring her out much over the weekends, since I need to catch up on my sleep.

Sometimes as I held Jamie in my arms as she leaned on me dearly whenever she saw me at home, I wondered and really wondered.. Sighh…

No time and energy to catch up on serious blogging again 😦 Haizzz… Everything becomes a bit meaningless when you worked so hard for a living and yet not able to have a life…

I tried shining a torch down the tunnel… Yes, I see some lights… and I continued to walk towards it…


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