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[Staycation] 1D1N JB Retreat

It was a short but good getaway.

And it was the first time I left baby at home alone overnite with my helper. Frankly speaking, I really miss my baby during the retreat but I know my commitments to this family does not only circle around the baby. My largest commitment is still towards my hubby ^^ Afterall, without him there won’t be Jamie. Without him, I won’t be able to enjoy my SAHM life for so long too 😀

And I learnt now that it’s very important to keep falling in love with each other everyday…

We only decided on the trip on 2 May itself. It was already 5pm after Jamie’s gymboree lesson and we were wondering if we should drive all the way to KL… When my new mentor cum partner, Charleen called to recommend a very nice 5-star hotel for a stayover in JB, I thought it was a good idea. Though JB seemed a bit too near, but then at least Laogong can get to do up his car on the next day. I checked out the hotel and it costs only RM290 per nite with 2 pax breakfast for a Deluxe room with King Size bed and Sea View. Wow… How to find such good stuff in Singapore?

Laogong was still doubtful about spending the retreat in JB but when he was greeted by the nice nice hotel room, he was really thrilled.

He was even more thrilled when we found this very nice pool side bar with live band singing. We ordered our all time favourite draft hoegarden and sat by the bar listening to the songs. I really love the feeling of in the city yet having the beach resort feeling. It reminds me of Rasa Sentosa somehow. A nice hotel by the sea and yet in a city… 🙂 Sweet laogong dedicated our favourite song – Can’t get my eyes off you to me ^^

In the morning, we were really not willing to wake up becoz the bed is too comfy and the view from the room is too beautiful.. Once again I was reminded of Rasa Sentosa…

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The next morning after our very filling buffet breakfast, we visited my friend’s house which is just behind the hotel. It’s a nice 3 storey + 1 basement terrace with a simple yet cosy setting.

She then recommended this very car accessories shop which Laogong then did up his car.. He add-on a good set of sunscreen + change battery + change reverse sensor. All costs him about RM1200. I guess it was a good deal since it will definitely be more expensive to do it in Singapore. And we were happy we finally have the sunscreen or window filter on because half the time I felt as if I was cooked when the sun was scorching hot…

While waiting for the car to be done up, we shopped at Holiday Plaza. Laogong had wanted to have his hair cut and hence suggested I can dye my hair as well. I took the stylist recommendation and had my hair cut, coloured, highlighted, did scalp treatment and colour retreat. Laogong did his hair cut and scalp treatment. All for the cost of RM 519. I hope we were cheated 😛 hahaha… because they claimed that the treatment products are expensive products but frankly, I know nuts about branded hair products. But it does look good. And I like the head massage the most ^^ So did Laogong ^^

And ta-da, I went to JB with brown hair and came back with gold hair ^^

It was definitely a good getaway and we managed to get a lot of things done, other than spending time together… I guess I will like to frequent JB more often next time to buy my groceries even 😛 hahaha..Looking forward to use the JB contractor my friend recommended us too 😀

And most importantly, I will work hard to save up for a better trip with Laogong end of this year 😀

But hor, I wonder if I can leave Jamie at home for so long or not.. Think I will miss her alot… 😦 She missed me alot too. I remembered when I got home, I can’t help but kept kissing her though she was sounded asleep. And after a while, she woke up and was fidgetting on the bed. I called out to her and said ‘Mummy is home.’ And she suddenly turned around with a shock look and look at me. She must have thought she was dreaming. Suddenly she smiled and wanted to hug me. And for the rest of the night, she just wanted to be hugged by me. She even smiled to my helper and my mil to show off that her mummy is home!!! Wow…

And the whole of Tuesday, she just kept clinging on me. Whenever I placed her down, she will just kept calling ‘Mama, Mama…’ I can’t helped but carried her again and hugged her tightly. I then decided to bring her out with my to buy the groceries because I doubt she will wait for me quietly at home.

Hee, can’t wait to bring Jamie for a trip too!!! Think will be so fun 😀

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