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Jamie loves her new varieties of food…

Had started to introduce new varieties of food into Jamie’s menu.

Started with fruity puree like apple, then papaya on 21 April. She seems okay with them. And went on with Pumpkin puree which she loves very much!

Gave her ground fish into her brown cereals last night and she looks so happy!!! It’s not hard to prepare the food and I am thankful I have my helper to help clean them up after the feeding too. I really salute those Mummies who prepared the food and cleaned up all by themselves!!!

Decided to be even more adventurous today. Took away her normal milk base and gave her corn soup base with her brown rice cereals instead. Added ground fish, potato and carrots too. And she finished 90% of her food. She looked like she really enjoyed the food but I think I put in too much cereals for her to finish. She started with 3 tbs and yest was 5tbs and today i tried 8tbs… hmmmm think 5tbs is just nice, she can have more of the other food in her cereals instead. Look at how I prepared her yummy lunch today…

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