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A Very Busy Weekend

Hihi All,

Think Last Week was really a super busy week for me!!! Never tried going out everyday (other than monday) in a week! No wonder I will fall sick 😦

Yaaa.. was bedridden yesterday. Down with Stomach Flu!!! Think too exhausted after continuous going out for a week 😛 heehee.. I realised I am not as fit as before. Sob.. I guess I better start eating my supplements before my ‘old’ bones all break into bits 😦

Hahaha back to my busy weekends!!!

I had a superb busy weekends with activities packed back to back!!!

Friday (09/04)
Went shopping with Qiuling to buy Jamie’s swimsuit. Bought myself one too!!! But pity I was bedridden yesterday and the swimdate with Kherray (my cousin) was cancelled. Hope to bring Jamie for her virgin swim soon!

Had my favourite Laksa Yong Tau Fu at the foodcourt 😀 Yummy~

I also let Jamie tried her new stroller padding and head positioning pillow. Think she loves them 😀 Made her stroller more comfy for her to lie down longer.

Saturday (10/04)

Visited Charmayne (sgbride forum friend) at her place in the morning. Her cute boy boy really looks like his daddy 😀 Reminds me of Jamie when she was a newborn. Heehee.. And ta-da, Jamie is now so chubby and heavy now 😛 Time really flies 😀

Pity I had to rush off for my next appointment and could not take any photos 😦

Attended Caryn (sgmum forum friend) food gathering at her new house. Really like her new house alot, especially the nice rooftop garden cum bar counter!!!

And Jamie too loves her Klaire’s toys too! See how engrossed Jamie was, exploring Klaire’s exersaucer!!!

Hee, can’t wait to see Jamie and Klaire play with each other when they start walking!!! Heehee…

It was a last minute decision to go JB for seafood with my hubby’s colleague. And he has really joker colleagues which made me laff throughout the trip manz! LOLz..

The journey there was very long since we did not bring along our GPS but then it was fun to be in the same car finding our way to our dinner ! Think the custom officers were quite shocked to see a 7pax full car going into JB! Hahaha…

The food was great – to me… Because it was the first time I had Muslim style seafood. Most of the time, I will be having my seafood in Taman Sentosa which is cooked by Chinese. However, because we have a few Muslim friends in the group, hence we need to find a place that serve Halal Seafood. It’s something new to me and the style of cooking is rather different too. I love it anyway 😀 Coz I love seafood 😛

Sunday (11/04)
Jamie was 5mth today!!!

Time flies 😀 And very soon Jamie is a big big girl already! And I realized I can’t bear to ‘leave’ Jamie to go for a full time job now! I also realized that I won’t want another baby so soon too to share the love I have for Jamie. Hahaha.. sounds weird right? But I want to focus on loving Jamie only 😛 She is like my first love!!!

Anyway, me and my hubby went for a treetop walk with my two best friends, Yeewen and Bixia. It was a long 10km walk and I was surprised I can actually finish the walk. I was very exhausted and hungry after the walk and had a huge meal of Nasi Bryani and some prata!!! And two cans of 100plus.

But when I got home, I started to LS and got feverish. I guess it shows how weak I had became because of little or no exercise since I got pregnant. haizz.. it’s time to eat some supplements and start some exercise regime once I recovered from my stomach flu.

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