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A Very Busy Week

Wooo.. A very busy week for me.

I had been going out almost everyday, other than Monday!!!

Tuesday (06/04)
Joined the other SAHM for their weekly lunch for the first time! So Exciting and they are very nice people to share experiences with 😀 But we were all so busy with our little ones that I did not get to take any photos 😦

Took Jamie for my Mani and Pedi session. This kaypo little girl, at first she was still willing to sit on her stroller to see what’s going on. But when she realized she cannot see very well in her stroller, she wanted to get out of it. Ended up I had her sat on my lap (with the carrier on) the whole time. And she could even sleep in that position!

See her in her stroller, which did not last very long.

Hahaha.. But okay lah, I have to say my baby Jamie at least willing to sit on my lap quietly for the whole time. And did not try to topple all the things (yet). Hope she will stay this way in months to come when she is more itchy hands 😛

Met Junyang and his wife for dinner. He just got back after being relocated for months. Am really happy that at last we can see his wife! We did not get to see his gf even when they were paktoring. Hahaha, so secretive of him!

Well, I played a joke with Jamie which I still regret now. Haizz.. I did not expect her to understand what I was telling her. I placed her in Junyang’s wife’s lap and told her Daddy and Mummy were going off, and I said ‘byebye’. Suddenly, Jamie just burst out crying very LOUDLY after i said ‘byebye’. OMG! She understood what I said!!!

I had to coax her for a long while before she cooled down. And whenever she turned around to peek at Junyang and his wife, she would start crying again. It was a good 15-20minutes before she cried herself to sleep, hugging my neck tightly with her arms.

Aiyoh.. then since then she had been having continuous nightmares at night and kept waking up and crying until I hugged her and patted her back to sleep. And she kept sleeptalking. Poor girl, she must be very traumatized by my not so funny joke 😦

Wednesday (07/04)
I spent the whole afternoon from 1.30pm to 5.30pm, travelling from home to small claim tribunal and then to cantonment police station to lodge all the reports. And I took a long bus ride home from SGH bus stop opposite the police station. It had been some time before I took a bus and somemore a long bus ride. Somehow I enjoy the peaceful of the bus ride.

Visited my hubby’s cousin that night at Mt A. She had just delivered her baby boy. As I held the tiny newborn in my arms, I suddenly miss the days of my delivery 😛

Thursday (08/04)
I spent the afternoon and night at my mum house.

It was a playday for Jamie and her Cousin Clarisse. Cute Clarisse actually signaled to us, she wanted to carry Jamie too like all of us.

And we sat Clarisse down and put Jamie in her arms. She really looked like a big sister with her baby sister 🙂 And they even ‘talked’ to each other in their baby language with Jamie and Clarisse giggling at each other.

So sweet. Hope they grow up to love each other very much!

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