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Merry Xmas~!!!

Merry Xmas to Everyone~!!!

So What did you all do for Xmas? For me, I had two Xmas Gatherings this year. And both are with my very close friends.

This year is the first Xmas with Jamie and also for Jamie 🙂 I hope next year, I will be able to celebrate Xmas at my new home. By then, Jamie should be able to walk around the house welcoming and entertaining all the guests ^^ Can’t wait to watch her grow up 🙂

I had dinner with my Uni friends on 22nd December, Tuesday. It was the first gathering for Lucius and Jamie too 🙂 Can’t wait to watch them play together too~~~!!! Lucius has grown so much over the months, and I think he should be able to crawl around rapidly by Chinese New Year 2010.

We had dinner at Aermis, Cityhall. I hope I spell the name correctly. It’s a the fountain and opposite The Soup Spoon. We chose the restaurant partly because it is not easy to find a place where they have space for two strollers. And partly, Lucius can watch the pretty fountain 🙂

The dinner was great. I love Mint Hot Chocolate and Fish and Chips~

However, it was a pity we all had to rush home to eat Tangyuan. But I believe there will be many more such gatherings next time. And it will be easier after the babies grow up.

I guess as we grow up, we somehow will just look forward to simpler and more cosy gatherings. I no longer have the mood or urge for clubbing sessions. I used to love clubbing sessions and crowded parties. However, I guess it’s really not what we do but who we are with that makes the difference. And as long as we are with our close friends, even if it’s just a simple sit-down dinner or cosy home gathering, it’s very enjoyable already.

Last night, my hubby, baby jamie and I spent our Xmas Eve at Wenwen’s house. We reached earlier with the pizza and drinks. While we waited for Wenwen to come home, me and Xiaxia decorated the Xmas Tree. And I think it looks really pretty 🙂

before decoration..

after decoration…

after lights ON…

We had pizza for dinner and did gift exchange ^^ Heehee… I got a mini thermoflask for my hot drinks and my hubby got a thermo warmer!!! Nice gifts wor~!!!

Most importantly, Jamie was the center of attention all night~ Xiaxia and Wenwen all just can’t keep their hands off her! Hahaha… And I am really grateful that they love her so much~ As much as they love me I guess ^^

Jamie: I am the princess~!!!

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