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Jamie’s Full Month Celebration

Time really flies~!!!

I will be going back to my MIL’s house on Thursday after Jamie’s full month ritual. And Jamie will be having her full month celebration on this Saturday, 12 Dec 09…

However, we have yet confirm the number of our guests. I guess confirming guest list is always the most headache portion of any events. As much as my hubby and I love organizing events and interacting with our guests, it’s still a headache for us whenever it’s time to confirm with our caterer.

Some people may prefer to keep such events small, and limit to just close relatives. However, we always believe such events are also an avenue to catch up with our close friends. And I am thankful I am a batch of really nice friends who always try to keep up with my events too ^^

I know it’s not easy to make their way to my MIL’s house because it’s in the middle of nowhere… 20min from both Bishan and Novena MRT. Though there are many direct buses to Thomson area (where the flat is), but then I believe nowadays very few people rely very much on buses to reach their destinations.

Hence I will really like to Thank all my friends and relatives, especially those who don’t drive, who has confirmed their attendance for Jamie’s full month’s celebration~!!! Thanks very much~!!!

And for all my readers, I will try to take as many photos as I can for Jamie’s full month to post here k?!! Stay Tune ^^

Oh yaa… Jamie is 26 days old today~!!!

Take a look at her getting more serious look ^^

Ohhh.. and see what my hubby got for me the other day to cheer me up. Frankly, I am sick of eating fish and getting very restless lately. It’s not easy to stay home and do nothing much, and just lie down whole day 😦 I am glad it’s over soon~!!!

And I am so very looking forward to my post-natal massages! A bit sad that I am not able to do it during my confinement, however if it concerns the condition of my wound, I guess it’s best to listen to the old folks this time. I will only be doing them next week or the week after next, before Xmas.

Talking about Xmas, my hubby was worried I will be bored and sad at home when everyone is busy with the festive seasons, hence he bought me a softoy so I can have some festive spirit in the house ^^

Hee, and I took a picture of the post-exams Happy Daddy yesterday too! So glad my hubby’s exams are over and he can have some rest before the school term starts (he is a teacher by the way)…

And take a look at my cheerful fair fair niece also! See how happy she is now that she is used to having Jamie in the house. She can even play a part as a ‘nanny’ for her little cousin~!!!

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