Marriage & Parenting

Too Attached to Baby Jamie…

I realized I am getting too attached to Baby Jamie… I wonder if I can take it easy when it’s time to ‘let go’ and go to work…

I guess, most mummies will wonder, ‘isn’t it good to be attached to your baby? or your baby attached to you?’ But I guess, if this is so, it will be hard for a working mummy to concentrate at work… Because she will always be missing her little baby and wondering whether she is in good hands.

But sometimes it’s not just whether you have a good caretaker to take over your job… But that you can can’t bear to ‘let go’ of your baby…

Maybe that’s the reason why most housewives are unable to ‘let go’ of their children when they grow up… Because they spent their whole life’s energy and attention on their children. Hence in their eyes, their children are forever still young and vulnerable. And these house-mummies really wish to continue to ‘protect’ and ‘shelter’ their children…


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