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Shopping for Baby…and Eating for myself :P

Heehee, paiseh… I seem to have a lot of backlogged blogs to catch up with 😛

Was pretty glad to have a breather and get out of the house on Tuesday.

Met Qiuling mainly to compensate her birthday treat (because I was warded on the original lunch date) and at the same time check out some baby items.

We really feasted on that day~!!! We had vegetarian dim sum buffet for lunch at 2.30pm at Novena Square, Lingzhi Vegetarian Restnt and North Indian Food for dinner at 7.30pm. Yummy… Took some photos but think I will post it together after I go for my 2nd shopping and eating trip with qiuling tomorrow.

I realised now that I am so blessed. Because I managed to get a lot of free hand-downs from my sister-in-law, my hubby’s aunty, my hubby’s cousin-in-law and my friend(s). And my da sao (sister-in-law) has been buying new items for me whenever she went shopping for my niece. I feel so blessed~!!! Imagine how much more I will need to fork out if I need to buy all those things myself~!!!

Hence, for mummies or mummies-to-be out there, do try to get free hand-downs if you can, unless you are particular with using 2nd hand items or you are financial capable of getting all new items for your baby(ies).

Frankly, I feel a bit bad that I can’t get a lot of new items for my baby but then at the same time, I feel very blessed that I don’t need to be too upset over it as well since I get a lot of free hand-downs…

Thanks everyone for loving me and my baby so much~!!!

And I have my lovely friends who said they will buy new clothes for my baby and some other who said will give me diapers and milk powder for the first month!!! I think it really helps!!!

Guess what, I only bought 2 nursing bras + 1 baby nail clip + 1 baby thermometer + 2 packet of diaper pins and I already spent $100+ on one day~!!!

Managed to find the pictures of some of the pigeon items I bought.

The other day at the taka baby fair, I bought 1 set of 3 beaniepillows + 1 baby bedsheet + 1 set of 3 pillow case + 1 baby sling and paid close to $200!!! I looked through the website of the shop and found this picture. I think I bought a combination package at a discounted price. I bought the new born comforter + newborn head pillow + 3mths and above body pillow and it costs me $75 in all. By the way, the lady said it’s organic beanie…

After that I wrote down the shopping list necessary for my baby and realized there are so many things to buy BUT thankfully I managed to get many free hand-downs and yet the figure is already so terrifying…

I was lucky to have Rachel do the research and told me she can import Medela Pisa Breast Pump for only S$380 and if I get another handsfree strap from mumsfairy online shop for $37, it will cost me less than $450 for the whole set. If I had bought in the retail shop in Singapore, it will cost me a good $799 without the handsfree strap~!!!

I was told Medela was a good brand and spent some time to think it over whether I should get it because afterall, I may not have any breastmilk or too little breastmilk also. But then I guess after saving on the other big items like baby cot, playpen, steriliser and stroller, it will be fair of me to buy a good breast pump. And I pray hard I can fully utilise it…

See picture for the Medela PISA Breastpump that I ordered.

Currently, only pondering over whether to get a car seat for baby. But if we get one, will definitely be one that is portable so that it would not take up the seating space in the car. Since we are staying with my inlaws, we definitely need more car seats… But I heard the portable car seat can only used up to 1.5yrs old. Hmmm…

Does anyone know if it’s by-law for baby to sit in car seat???

Okay, that’s all for today. Qiuling said I can find cheap baby stuffs in Chinatown and she will bring me there tomorrow to have a peek. Hope I find some goodies there ^^

Will post more photos if I buy more baby items… ^^ And eat more good food 😛

By the way, Jamie is 1.8kg at 32th week ^^ And I am having a healthy weight gain of less than 10kg. So far so good… Hehehe…

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