Friends & Neverland

Happy Birthday Russ~!!!

Oops… I know this is kinda of late. But I had been trying to upload the photos onto Facebook but keep failing. I really wonder whether there is something wrong with the photos or something wrong with Facebook. Hmmm… it can’t be because I overloaded my account with photos either since I only have 31 photo albums so far.

Last Saturday (3rd Oct 09) was my close Uni Friends’ birthday~!!! And we celebrated for her on Friday (02/10/09). Bought her favourite blue roses for her and also a BIG angbao for her to buy what she wants for herself. What’s even more special about this year birthday was that, we celebrated mooncake festival on the same day~!!!

We had spent many mid autumn festivals together and there was one year when we went to Chinese Garden to see the Lights… However, this is our FIRST time eating mooncakes together~!!!

I guess, we will have many of such moments together since now Sandra and Ivy had their new houses and mine will TOP in 2011, August. It will definitely be more cosy to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company in our homes…

However, I believe in years to come, we can bring our little darlings to see the Lights at Chinese Garden…with their cute little lanterns… How I miss the good old days…

Anyway, we really had fun at Ivy’s house and ate ALOT!!!

We started with KFC and each ate 2 pc chicken and coleslaws and etc… I think I drank at least 3 glasses of softdrinks 😛 And then we had mango pudding made by Ivy’s mum. Then we surprised Russ with her birthday cake~!!!

Last but not least, we had chinese tea and mooncakes from Ritz Carlton.. Yummy.. I managed to taste the very special Lychee Martini mooncake :X hahaha…

And Lucius has grown so much!!! It seems to be only yesterday when he was born and now he is 2 months old already! And I think he will become a tall and slim boy since he is already 73cm now~!!! Wow…

Think the next time I see him again, he will be able to response to us even better~ And I can’t wait to see Lucius and Jamie play together!!! It will be so cute to watch them play ^^

See below for some of the photos we took…


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