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Bye Bye My 4 Wisdom Teeth


More Pain…
I was expecting the pain to subside by today. But it seemed to have gotten worse…
There was even a mysterious bruise on my right cheek. Nurse did mention that due to the pulling force there might be bruises developed but shouldn’t the bruises appeared within 3 days after the operation?
It was brave of me to go through 3 surgical extraction and 1 normal extraction in a day. Furthermore it was my second GA in the same year. But I knew I might not have the chance (time) to remove my wisdom teeth one by one or in pairs. It would have been more harming to go through 2-4 GAs too. Well, I have to keep telling myself that the decision made was correct. Or should I say, it was the most value-for-money and least time-consuming option.
It was nervous few days from the operation and was super nervous the night before. On the day of my ops, I was simply screaming inside me!
I was early and waited for my surgeon to arrive. I was the first patient and did the health check required (blood pressure, body temperature and weight check etc) before the operation. Laogong was really sweet to take time-off for my ops and drove me to and fro National Dental Centre.
I was waken up before I was sent to the day ward. This was how I looked after my operation. The two cotton gauzes were soaked in blood.
I slept for 1-2 hrs at the day ward, but woke up in pain. Popped pain killers and was made to continue my rest, even after the dentist ‘discharged’ me.
When I was finally able to leave the ward, I had two swollen cheeks and was prescribed with medicine.



Surprisingly, the pain killer prescribed was just normal Panadol. I would expect to be prescribed with a stronger pain killer as the extractions were done surgically. With stitching involved, I really wonder if Panadol is sufficient. Isn’t it the same as the c-section I had many months back?
Maybe dentists were only allowed to prescribe mild medication? Hmmm…
Anyhow, I tried to keep to non-solids for my meals… And the shaker blender really came handy!




This morning I was shocked to see bruise on my right cheek and experienced pain on my left cheek even after I had Panadol 😦
The pain felt like my stitches were ‘tearing’… Omg…and even spitting and sucking with a straw hurts. So i tried not to open my mouth much today and no longer able to use a straw to drink my fruit+yoghurt…



Sigh.. I think I will call up NDC tomorrow to see if I can bring forward my review appointment.
Stay tune for update on my condition…

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