Friends & Neverland

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

A quiet and relaxing brekkie marks the countdown to my fast-paced lifestyle again ^^
Haha! Laogong would have agreed that it’s time for me to return to the workforce! And I totally agree with him too, that I am someone who is suitable to work and remain working.

Peaceful life gives me too much space and time, to think too much. Sometime things/actions/words/events are simply simple as they seem… It’s the humans’ brains that try too hard to decode them…

I am happy with life as it is. Busy it may be, but the many new challenges ahead make me feel alive. Only when face with new challenges and situations, we know whether we can go further than we already can….

There are times when we feel down and want to give up trying… And to just admit we are defeated or that we can’t defeat fate.

Well, I believe in fate too. But I also believe that, ‘whatever the brain of a man can conceive, we can achieve it too..’ Not sure if I phrase this correctly. But I know you get my idea anyhow ^^

People who know me, call me stubborn. But those who really understand me, call me ‘the unbeatable spirit’ (others did call me ‘打不死的蟑螂’ too! :P)

I used to be less patient and more impulsive when I was younger… But I tell myself now that good things will come last… I have to be patient and learn to wait, learn to observe and learn to stop thinking too much 😉

Hahaha, the last bit is really tough and I am still trying hard to achieve it. But I know it’s inevitable because having two children now, I have so much more to lose. Nevertheless, I will not stop trying to improve myself to become a better person and to value-add people around me more 🙂

Haha! Seen my Facebook? I just had a birthday conviction this year -> To survive all seem impossible challenges! To always believe I can, even when the whole world think I can’t!!! I shouted this out in my heart as I completed the two scariest-looking roller coasters at USS on Saturday (27/04/2013). I always thought I would never sit on these roller coasters, because just by watching them makes my legs go soft. However, when I stop thinking I am scared, I feel it’s not scary at all. Instead, I felt I was soaring in the air so happily!!!! Weeeee!!! Wooohooo! You should try it too!!!

Jiayou to all! It’s a short week ahead! So Jiayou Jiayou Jiayou!!! Keep your head and spirit high. The week will be over in no time, so make sure you achieve what you want to achieve effectively 😉


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