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Happy Lunar New Year~!!!

Back to work since Monday.

Was a little sad because somehow I felt that my one week MC was misunderstood as trying to run away from the busy period 😦 Sigh.. I guess no one wants to be sick. No one enjoys taking those horrible medicine. I rather spent this one week bringing Jamie out everyday, than to be bedridden.

But I have to admit that I was pretty lucky because I still can enjoy part of the previous weekends. However, the feeling of going out when you felt as if you were floating half the time, isn’t an enjoyable experience. Even till today, I felt as if I would faint sometimes. Sigh.. When can I fully recover from this horrible illness?!!

I pray that the Rabbit Year will be a healthy year for the whole family = my parent’s family (which includes my brother, my da sao and my pretty niece) and my in-law’s family (which includes grandma-in-law).

It really hurts to see grandma-in-law coughing so hard. And I felt it was my fault who spread the germs to grandma-in-law. 😦 And now, even Pyone is a little sick coz she sleeps in the same room with grandma-in-law.

Really hope everyone can recover soon and stays healthy and healthier for the new year… And ^^ Hope it’s a better new year for everyone ^^

Counting down to watching the little children play with each other at my grandma’s house on chu yi. Hope these little cousins will grow up to love each other 🙂

Happy Lunar New Year 😀

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