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Jamie’s Full Month Ritual Celebration

Dear Friends (who are reading the post),

Really Thankful to have you present for Jamie’s Full Month Celebration yesterday (12-12-09)~!!! Sorry if the house is too small an crowded. And sorry if I didn’t managed to talk much to you or take any photos. And hope the food is good and sufficient.

Really Appreciate all the blessings and gifts from all of you 🙂 Looking forward to see all of you soon!

Lots of Love from,

Daddy Chris and Mummy Jolene^^

It was really a great event yesterday!!! And the Full Month Ritual on 10-12-09 was very interesting too 🙂 Learnt something about the Full Month Ritual and ready to share with you all.

We did the bathing ritual which includes trimming Jamie’s hair, trimming her fingernails and toenails. And of coz, the bathing itself.

Take a look at what was placed into the bathtub… Hard-boiled Eggs, Coins and Flowers…

After that we did the praying of the Gods and Ancestors…

After the ritual, we changed Jamie into a set of new clothes and we went back to my MIL house…


Yesterday Full Month Celebration was really great! Haven’t count the number of guests who attended but the house was really crowded. But it’s a pity there were too many people and hence we couldn’t take many photos.

Just some of the photos we took~

Lucky we managed to take some photos with Jamie and of coz our Family Photo too…

It was a tiring day for all of us – Daddy, Mummy and Baby… Take a look at the tired Daddy and Baby…

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