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[Game] Grandma Eating House 众多回忆的食堂故事

Big fan of Japanese food will definitely love this game. I found this game when I was searching for another game. Love the pretty graphic and looking forward to visit a traditional japanese eating house like this! Played for only two days and approximately 3 hours, but managed to unlock lots of different dishes. Though… Continue reading [Game] Grandma Eating House 众多回忆的食堂故事

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[Movie] Immerse in the MMORPG Virtual Reality – Ready Player One

The first feeling I get when watching Ready Player One was “the storyline is kinda of similar to Sword Art Online 2”, where all MMORPG believers join force to fight against an common enemy. And the feeling of “No matter how powerful you are in the real world, you are just like everyone else in… Continue reading [Movie] Immerse in the MMORPG Virtual Reality – Ready Player One

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[Neverland] A Better 2018…

Hihi! Happy Long Weekends to all! Are you enjoying your long weekends like I am doing in Msia or the other neighboring countries? This long weekends, Laogong and I decided to bring my parents out to Jalan Jalan as they hadn’t been to Melaka and Desaru before. Though this is my N time to Melaka… Continue reading [Neverland] A Better 2018…

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[Neverland] Countless Good Things in 2017

Time flies, the first quarter of the year is already coming to an end. I have to admit that this is the first time I actually hope time will fly faster, so that I can faster finish my studies. Year 2017 had been a hectic and very busy year. But it was also a very… Continue reading [Neverland] Countless Good Things in 2017

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[Food] New KFC Zinger Mozzarella Bacon Burger

I had always been a big fan of KFC new products, but I was disappointed twice recently with the new products. I was so looking forward to the Honey Sesame Chicken, thinking it will be dripping in honey and has a strong sesame flavor but I was shocked to find it dry and had little… Continue reading [Food] New KFC Zinger Mozzarella Bacon Burger

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[Food] New Macdonald Juicy Fish and Chips and Heavenly Chocolate Pie

I just heard that the Chocolate Pie is out of stock in Singapore! Have you tried it yet? This new menu was introduced after the Prosperity Burger and Twister Fries left us for this year. If you are a fan of Crispy Juicy Fish and Chip, you got to try it soon! I was at… Continue reading [Food] New Macdonald Juicy Fish and Chips and Heavenly Chocolate Pie