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Day 20 of Circuit Breaker – Salute to the Forgotten Frontline Warriors (Childcare Staff)

Just as we thought we can take a deep breathe and shout out, “2 more weeks to go!”, we were slapped by the bad news. The CB has been extended by 4 more weeks to 1 June 2020.

Now we have 6 weeks more to go.

Well, at least the Home-based Learning (HBL) for MOE schools and kindergartens will end by 4 May 2020. This will relieve the parents from juggling between Working from Home and Helping their children with their HBL. But this will also means the parents need to find other things (and excuses) to engage their children durimg the extended circuit breaker (aka school holidays).

Proud to be Part of The Support Team

While I am a bit envious of friends who have no work to do during CB but yet get paid, I am more than proud to be part of the Support Team, who is still providing limited services to the parents in the essential services. that will make a difference

It may be mentally and emotionally tiring to chase after all kinds of news articles related to COVID-19, but being able to be 24/7 updated on the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, also give me a sense of peace and “security”. At least I am ever ready for the next course of actions.

People who are not in the Support Team will never understand what stress we are going through. I find it very hard to relate my emotions to anyone else during this period, except my hubby and my colleagues, who are on the same boat as me. Life during CB is actually busier and mentally more taxing than on normal days. On days I am not working, I just want to stone and do nothing. Rest to prepare for another mentally taxing week.

Salute to the Forgotten Frontline Warriors – Childcare Staff

I really 心疼 our frontline staff, who are risking their lives and their families’, to continue to care for children of essential workers. While our childcare staff keep these children safe and secure under our roofs, they have to be worried whether they get infected and in turn infect their own loved ones. I salute their unconditioned love for the children and the passion for their career.

However, the sad thing is these frontline warriors are often not respected by the parents and the public. Just like the healthcare workers, these childcare staff too risk their lives and their families’, when they have the choice to choose to walk away. While the whole Singapore is thanking the healthcare workers for saving the lives of the infected patients, do also thank these quietly 付出 frontline warriors, who made it possible for the health care workers to continue to help the patients and the other essential workers to keep their businesses as usual.

A Small Gesture Means so Much

Dear Parents, do Say Thank You to these Childcare Frontline Staff the next time you drop and pick up your children from the childcare. Do not vent your frustrations on them. Everyone is equally upset about the pandemic and economy crisis that comes with it. It is beyond anyone’s control. So let’s embrace the situation and pray that it will be over soon.

Lets’work together to Stay Home and Stay Safe, whenever possible.

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